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The Artist.....

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So, yet another Monaco Grand Prix down... Bottas retired, Leclerc didn't start... Not a single overtake of note... (I think that the only overtake was Mick Schumacher overtaking Mazepin on the first lap)
It was truly dire.

I'm currently trying to get ancient legacy software working which requires windows xp on an ancient laptop* - the process is convoluted and every time it goes awry I have to flatten the laptop and start again installing xp. I'm on my 3rd reinstall today.

The progress bar was more interesting than the race.

*some bright spark will doubtless say "use a vm" and I'd love to - except that the legacy software drives an ancient car diagnostic dongle, and that does not play with usb pass through to an xp vm - I know this from previous efforts.
I did try. But I’m afraid I had to keep flicking through all the other channels for a break from the boredom. I gave it 2. I don’t know why I was so generous.
I think the only people who would have enjoyed today would be fans of schadenfreude. There was literally nothing else of any interest.

Edit - I know the answer to the question I am about to ask but, why the **** is Monaco still on the calendar?
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Monaco is processional ...they need to change a few corners such as the swimming pool, the chicane and ste devote or put the barriers back in. The circuit seems smaller if they were in. Only the greats win at Monaco because they did not mistakes..its too easier now with the semi auto gearbox and some of the barriers removed
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I think 5.
It is a pity that 2 real contenders for the podium were eliminated from the race.
I'm sure Leclerc could have added some color to the race.
Utter ****ing shite.

It's not a race, as previously noted, it's an exercise in not crashing and seeing as Marzipan finished, obviously not that hard an exercise.

We're redecorating our flat and have just painted, I actually watched paint dry whilst the race was on.

Pleased for Lando tho.
I have just been saying the word "dirigible" in my head, it has been more entertaining than the race.
Awkward Episode 2 GIF by The Office
i enjoyed that race the 1st 45 laps were fun. like i always say compare this race to spain, spain bores me. i would happily watch more in monaco, as your guarantees drama every year in Monaco like to day so many talking points & even battle for the final podium position during 10 laps,

also the scenery is a joy to watch.
That was dire. That wasn’t a race, I don’t really know what I’d call it. Yes it was a shame two main players were out early, but what difference would it have made if they weren’t. It still wouldnt have been a race, it would have been which ones followed which one round the track for seventy odd laps.
Monaco’s usually bad. Today it was worse than ever, probably because we have had some good close races this season.
They should cancel this race and make it a parade event which is what it is anyway.
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