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How did you rate the 2017 Australian Grand Prix out of ten?

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The non-Merc win helped but it was still dull as dish water. I wish I had got more sleep instead.
Still it looks good for a close season. (apart from the overtaking)

A 4.
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A middling 5. Good to see Mercedes aren't the class of the field but we wait to see how this new formula works out.
A change at the top which may or may not be repeated. Nice to see the drivers keeping a safe distance from each other, Alonso, Ocon and Hulkenberg may well be called into the stewards for getting too close. So far the new formula looks as though overtaking may well be even more rare than the last few years.l
A 5.

Recorded the race to watch 'as live' and the fast forward button took a bit of a hammering.

Good result for Seb but Hamilton asking how he was to overtake Max indicates the type of season we can expect.
Seven from Kewee.....very good for the opening GP of the season.
I wouldn't read too much into Hamiltons inability to overtake Max. Red Bulls are quick, it's always been difficult for cars to overtake in F1 unless there's a much bigger difference in their performance.
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Every race seems to have been his best race since he has joined McLaren Honda and noticed that the team is going nowhere. He desperately trying to sell himself, I wouldn't be surprised if we see him turn up at an event with a price tag stuck on his forehead. Maybe after the summer break - summer sale 30% off.
3. One point for F1 being back, one for the new cars looking good, one for Merc not running away with it.

But, my word that was a dull race.
I seem to recall a Ferrari winning the first race of the season (in Bahrain?) a few years ago and we all thought the season would be a disaster. We then had quite an exciting championship. Let's hope for the same this year. Keep everything crossed!
It wasn't a mind blower was it. We get so excited for that first race and......

A few good bits but mostly dull. Good that Ferrari are up there, and we might get some decent racing , but there's the overtaking :oThere wasn't much of it as predicted. Hopefully other tracks will be better, but Bottas said he couldn't follow Lewis close never mind overtake. Same as for Lewis behind Max. Could it be Merc specific? Well I guess we'll find out as the season rolls on.

I' ll go with a 5 . I was still worth getting up for.

Ocon and the young Italian lad, Is it Giovanni? Had a good race.
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