Grand Prix 2015 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

So the F1 roadshow rolls into Abu Dhabi for its end of year party at the Yas Marina circuit. Unlike last year this Grand Prix will not be worth double points and unlike last year this race will not decide the championship. In fact with the top 3 places decided in the Drivers Championship and the top 5 places concluded in the Constructors Championship we are pretty much deciding nothing. Its like that last day at Primary school before the summer holidays where you’re allowed to bring games in, you’ve got to turn up but you don’t really have to do much. Having said that some of those school days were mighty fun and Yas Marina is not that bad a circuit which might lead to a bit of end of year fun.

No doubt the most talked about thing all weekend will be Nico Rosberg’s sudden spell of form right when it doesn’t matter. Lewis looked none too chuffed on the podium in Brazil and I think will be keen to put a stop to that before the year ends. He is in luck as Yas Marina has always been a place he’s excelled at pace wise so I would expect him to have the upper hand. Sebastian Vettel has always been great round here too and, in his current form and the track suiting Ferrari more, I would expect him to very much keep the Mercs honest.

The nature of the track will also lend itself well to the ever re-emerging Red Bull car, which is great news for Danny Ricciardo who trails his team-mate by 10 points in the championship. Ricciardo is famed for his smile but, after losing his title of ‘everyones second favourite driver’ to Max Verstappen, his smile must surely be drooping slightly at the prospect of being beaten to being the top driver in his own team. Kvyat has to be praised for surviving, he started the season with critics suggesting that he’d lose his seat to Verstappen next year and some people (many on this site) saying he wasn’t really good enough for the Red Bull seat anyway. If he completes his end of season form by making sure he beats his highly rated team mate in the championship then he really couldn’t have done much more to prove them wrong.

Speaking of battles, the only close race in the championship worth talking about is between the two Finns of Kimi and Valteri. Lets face it Kimi should be well clear but his awful form this year has left him trailing the Williams driver by one point. He won’t want it to finish like that so I expect a bit fo fireworks in that department with them both fighting over the same piece of track at somepoint. I predict at least one of them in the wall.

It has by no means been a classic season this year (although at least one classic race) so I doubt they’ll be too many sad hearts at it ending. Most of us will already be thinking to next year and trying to read in to the Abu Dhabi proceedings what we can. Lets hope Ferrari give the Mercs a race so we can all have a winter of optimism eh?
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Yeah in a way im sad its ending because but I feel now like I did 2013 we need a change & never thought I say this especially after 2010/2013 (or 00 - 04) we need a good Ferrari & vettel next yr. So we can have the 1st decent season dare I say since 2012 because the grand prix wouldve been much better with variety on strategies without toto wolff trying to be so fair down to miniscules

Just looking on the Powertrain Components Usage 2015, am iright or wrong in thinking that all drivers with green squares would be able to make them final units in abu dhabi without any grid penalties. Ie would the 2 force indias be able to have a new entire powerunit. As they have used 4 of 5 ice, tc, mgu-h, mgu-k & 3 of the 4 engrey store & control electronics
I'm going for a Vettel win. Nico will qualify on pole, Lewis will make a rash move to try and re-balance things after Nico's recent wins and it will end up in a shower of carbon fibre. It will still be as dull as ditch water though as Vettel will not be challenged.
Just watching the fp1 on sky sports f1, & I getting so angry you could tell so wathey send a questionnairehey send a questionnaireted kravitz. because they brought up pat symonds comments on a motorsport site about cars in 2017 because he's apart of the rule framework . talked to Christian horner to pitwall & reason why I was getting angry was because it just showed how ridiculous f1 is ,they send a questionnaire out in April, fans asking for cars to be able to follow so that drs can be gone & teams have absolute complete disregard & do the opposite

Teams & Bernie wonder why F1 is in such a mess. I dont give a toss about 5 secs faster if cars still cant follow. Just take formula E final rd at battersea fastest lap was 75mph avg & in my opinion it was 1 of best open wheel races of 2015
You didn't actually expect anything to come of those questionnaires did you? I can't remember which one of the two that came out close to each other but there was one that asked about dear old Bernie and the FIA and was were they doing a good job or not. Ever recall seeing the answer to those questions? Indeed, ever recall seeing the answers to any of these surveys ??
:embarrassed: Yep, got me on that one. I've just googled the answers to both surveys.

However, I'm still certain that one or both of those surveys contained direct questions relating to Bernie and his performance. I'm certain of it. Yet neither survey show's those answers.

Someone please tell me I'm not going bonkers. :twisted:
Is Fernando still using the new Honda engine and Jenson the old one at McLaren?

If Alonso isn't using an upgraded engine then he put in possibly the Lap of the Year, followed by Perez (I apologise to all those who think that Hulkenberg is the best driver never to get in a top team).
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