Grand Prix 2014 Spanish Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Hola amigos!!

The F1 circus rolls into not-in Barcelona for the 2014 Spanish Grand Prix, the fifth round of the championship. As it is the start of the European season, this Grand Prix is usually the scene of technical updates from all teams, or last-minute bits and bobs to hopefully reverse the awful job the engineers did at the start of the season, depending on your cynicism. Now, all teams say that they can get half-a-second per lap, so the field theoretically shouldn't change order, but inevitably this is never the case. So, it will be interesting to see which teams have been overly-optimistic. I mean, there's one thing talking the talk, but can they walk the walk (or in this case just go really fast).

Often hailed as a 'complete' circuit which tests all aspects of the cars - i.e. a byword for producing awful races - the circuit often used to hold pre-season tests, so teams had a reasonable ides of what to expect, but some guy in the FIA decided that it does rain in Spain, and it doesn't necessarily fall mainly on the plain. So the tests were shoved off to the Middle East, and the teams only now have an almost-certain ides of what to expect. Something to point out, though, it is often said by some people that those cars who are good in the (unfortunately) tight last sector should be good at Monaco.

In terms of classic races, er, well I suppose 2011 wasn't bad, nor '91 and '92. Oh, and of course everyone's favourite safety ambassador won in 2012.

Usually it's bone dry here, with the last wet race in 1996, and thus is inevitably more boring and predictable than usual. Stick a hairpin at the end of the main straight!!! But I suppose it'll be good to see a dry quali for once!!

I'm going to be the harbinger of doom and predict a very dull, Mercedes 1-2 with Hamilton leading Rosberg home by between 15 and 25 seconds. I do this in the vain hope that after my dire predictions of a dull race in Bahrain I was proved very wrong. Somehow I don't think I will be this time. Oh, and Ricciardo 3rd.
Hamilton had never won in Malaysia or Bahrain this year.

In deference to his speed off the mark, Johnny Carwash has my official blessing to steal, as he has, my annual last chicane rant pre-every Spanish Grand Prix.

I predicted HAM ROS HUL in Greenlantern101's game. It is only a matter of time before a debut podium for either Hulkenburg or Ricciardo, in my opinion. It'll be interesting to see who the winner will be when Rosberg and Hamilton prostsenna* themselves across the scenery.

*Get it in the dictionary!
A 200 mile drag race, that sounds like fun. I bet the Chinese could find somewhere to build it.
I actually like that idea.

Quick lets go report to the Watchmen!

Actually could we build a man made 200 mile long strip in the Ocean and call it 'The Atlantic Grand Prix'? I'm sure Bernie has the money. Plus it would be in internatiinal waters so he can (allegedly) bribe whoever he wants and set up some monkey fighting as a side show.
Having pitstops would be a problem though. Or they could use regular gasstations for those, with the driver changing his own tyres :p
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