Grand Prix 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion





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Splash Chad Stewarthill , you're quite right & I'm under no illusion F1 will be back on free to view in the forseeable future.
I was merely making the point to those moaning about too much coverage when some of us get hardly any.
Afraid we have to spend our money on things other than Sky sports.
So, let me know if I miss anything know, like Max winning the race LOL


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For me the most interesting thing about this weekend will be seeing exactly where Williams are. With dry qualifying and no grid penalties I think they could be troubling Red Bull.


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I wanna be a part of it! Bahrain Bahrain!


No I don't.

I can't wait for how amazing that deserts going to look in the dark. Absolutely bugger all lit up with floodlights will be a real delight! Nice move guys.

Oh well at least we'll have the Hulk/Alonso midfield battle that is currently written in to the FOM contract as having to happen at all Grand Prixs to distract us from the amazing sight of those sleeping camals.


Oh what a glorious sight it will be watching these brand new oh so green cars with their energy efficient power units taking tiny sips of petrol per lap under the bright lights of Bahrain which will be burning thousands of Kilowatt/h of electricity...

There's an irony in there somewhere but I can't quite put my finger on it....


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I like the spectacle of Singapore, I think the track at Abu Dhabi lends itself to good racing but I just can't gey on with Bahrain at all. Its not a good track, it doesn't look good and it has no atmosphere. I just think F1 has more interesting places it could go.

If it makes you feel better I feel the same about the current Spanish Grand Prix too! I did about Korea and India too but they've gone now. I'll give Austria a chance but suspect it will be one I don't get on with.

So thats a possible 3 out of 19 I'd get rid of if I could which means you don't have to listen to me moan a lot through the season Hamberg
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