Grand Prix 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

The times

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You could hold two Grands Prix in the time Sky spends on their buildups each weekend, I see.

Although if they were in Bahrain you wouldn't want to. Not especially hopeful for a good race.
Think yourselves lucky, those of us stuck with the BBC don't get the 'race highlights' until 10pm...all for "viewer convenience" of course...pah!...what a load of codswallop. For once I may sneak the result first to see if it's worth staying up for, or I may just miss it.
The beeb seem to forget some of us have to get up early for work the next morning....:yawn:
So, what's gonna be higher: The number of posts in this thread or the number of people in the stands?

Also, this season has been atrocious so far, here's hoping for something to wake me up.
Dizzi: The BBC are contractually obliged to "delay" their highlights programme so that Sky can milk their programme for as much as they can. If you want to blame somebody, blame the man who sold the rights to Sky (you know who). Of course, if no-one bought a Sky F1 subscription and they weren't making any money, they would not bother bidding the next time the rights were up for auction. Likewise BT and MotoGP. (The same argument goes for football but I have no interest in that). Refuse to pay the subscription and we might get them back on Free To Air.
In your dreams, Dizzi.

The BBC sold out on F1 fans and will not be returning to a full service any time soon, if ever. Not only that, but with recent government moves we will be lucky if we get any TV free-to-air for much longer. Even their residual F1 coverage is pretty average nowadays. I subscribed to Sky Sports after we were ditched by good old 'Aunty', via my Virgin Media package (which, by the way, is also about to give me a free upgrade on my broadband from 60 to 100MB).
I consider that the Sky Sports package I pay for is excellent value, giving as it does access to not only the F1 channel, which offers far more than just the live Grand Prix meetings, but also football (yes, you can be interested in both), NFL, Ryder Cup golf, to name but a few.

Anyway, to get back on topic, I hope for an interesting race with lots of close battles; but not as much as I hope for another display (with a similar result) from Hamilton as at Malaysia. I also hope that Williams can sort their internal politics out so that such a promising season doesn't turn into a farce and a disaster. I'm also looking forward to a number of promising team-mate battles such as Hamilton/Rosberg, Alonso/Raikkonen, Vettel/Ricciardo, Massa/Bottas and Button/Magnussen. So far we have mostly been robbed of these by incidents and mechanical failures.
Bahrain's been cancelled due to ongoing tensions and high security risks with planned protests!
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