2014 / 2015 Silly Season. Drivers Market.


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Good to see that Alonso and Button team up. Seeing Magnussen and Alonso together just doesn't have that magic when you hear them together.

On the other hand it's sad to see Magnussen disappear from the grid, and that his future and Vandoorne's future in f1 is very grim. It seems the only one who have a decent junior program and have an actual flow of talent coming trough f1 is Red Bull.


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Well that was the silliest silly season ever...


Silly seasons are rapidly becoming very much like christmasses. They start earlier eery year and get sillier every year and will eventually last all year long.
Time now for someone to start the 2015/2016 silly season thread.


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Silly seasons start even before the next season starts

I think if I remember Ralf Schumacher seat was under threat in 2004 after the first race because he decided he wanted a pay rise from $12.5m to $17.5m

and Nelson Piquet Jnr as well in 2009 despite retaining his seat


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Is Ralf making a comeback to F1? That would be a raising the dead or Lazarus type proportions.

Back to the subject, which seats are left to fill?


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As far as I'm aware the only TBC left are at Caterham and Marrusia, seeing as the latters assets are in the process of being sold off I think it's a certainty that they won't need any drivers so the only unknown is Caterham.


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Just seen a report that Pedro de la Rosa could be following Alonso to McLaren. The "dream team" reunited, let's hope they don't bring a dodgy dossier with them.
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