Formula 2 F2 2019

Sad and surprising, for we've (almost) forgotten how dangerous sport is. Your young life was cut short, as you've moved now into unreported world. RIP Anthione.
by all means delete if it turns out to be in poor taste. as i cant tell if im being oversensitive or not

but all we hear now is eau rouge isnt the corner it was. how its just a flat out kink. eau rouge will always be a fearsome corner because to keep your foot in takes balls drivers all know you get a twitch at eau rouge. you are going to have a serious accident. as we've numerous occasions down the years in F1 with Zonta Villenueve
I’m in total disbelief that Mahaveer Raghunathan has managed to get a point in F2.

i know that is a miracle, its on a par with minardis getting a point. because he is pretty awful i think the closest he got to pole was 2.5 secs. in another we nearly had gelael on reverse grid pole as well.
barring a huge miracle the F2 title is all but over, because after weekends races with de vries 2 great drives to the podium. he has increased his lead to 59pts with 88pts remaining (even though its mathematically 96, fastest laps are down to so many variable factors to consistently achieve) which means that the title can be sown up 3 races to go which I think would be 1 of the earliest its been done. because if de vries take pole then latifi would have to outscore de vries by 4pts, if not de vries would just have finish ahead of latifi
Tomorrow with de vries pole. its likely we could see the title wrapped up with 3 races left which is 1 of the most dominant i remember. because if my calculations are correct if de vries wins from pole then it is all over regardless what anyone does. but if latifi wins the feature race with de vries 2nd he would have to do something only managed by valsecchi & giovinatzzi in the last 7 years doing feature & sprint double. even then championship will go carry on to abu Dhabi if de vries DNF (mathematically 5th or lower but that would require perfect weekend)
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