You Bet Game 2020

George at williams 300/1
Lewis 1/1


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Here are the results for the dullest race of the season.


Here are the awards for the end of the You Bet Season

In 1st place :1st: the person that runs the competition ... me. Nothing dodgy there at all.
2nd Place :2nd: cider_and_toast well fought shame you forgot to bet in the final race :givemestrength:
3rd Place :3rd: Titch pretty much by default titch lol but hey it's a podium right :D

Honourable mention to aaron8831 who despite some fiendish tactics in waiting for my bet before acting, he didn't predict myself changing my bet in the last minute. LOL great fun, great battle between us bad luck Lewis had a Covid hangover. :friends:

I think almost everyone led at one point it has been a good battle.

I now retire from You Bet and hand over the reins to F1Brits_90 who has kindly agreed to take over for next year. (message me and I will email the spread sheet)

See you next year as a player possibly :D
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