2014 / 2015 Silly Season. Drivers Market.


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Most successful teams in F1 have cars all built in Britain except Ferrari even the Mighty Mercedes team are based in the UK not Germany

So the best engineers come from the UK


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The drivers, at least, end up paying a certain amount of tax in each country they compete in. I would think it's probably the same for the teams. Remember the controversy a while ago about Usain Bolt refusing to race in the UK unless he was given tax exemption?


It's a complex tax World for international sports and you have to wonder if this is part of the reason why Bernie keeps pushing races into the Middle East and Far East as he's able to negotiate preferential tax rates for the teams and drivers.


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I think it is the M40 corridor's proliferation of F1 related infrastructure that really gives the British based constructors the edge.
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FIA official entry list published a few days ago. The notables have been mentioned elsewhere on this forum, namely Hamilton keeps 44 and Lotus are 'Subject to confirmation'




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But if the McLaren-Honda is half decent surely Alonso wouldn't want to move to Merc anyway, especially if he is winning races.

Hamilton would either have to replace Button and drive alongside his new best friend or wait for Alonso to call it a day. Either option is not likely in 2016?

It is a bit odd for Toto to play mind games before the 2015 season is underway.
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