Grand Prix 2011 Indian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Is the season over yet?

Unfortunately the answer is no as the F1 circus rumbles onto India for a brand new track, but after problems with the construction of the track, there is a degree of hesitation as not everyone is overjoyed about the prospect of a race there at the current moment in time. Added to the fact that it is another Tilke track, many fans aren't optimistic for an exciting race, but we've been proven wrong before. After all, we thought 2011 would be a close championship!!

Red Bull reasserted itself as the best car on the track after a dominant win in Korea with Vettel taking yet another win as he continues to rewrite the record books in the same way as Schumacher used to, just not as controversially as the elder German. Mark Webber had his strongest races recently pushing Hamilton very hard for second place, perhaps showing that he still has it for next season.

Hamilton put a long list of poor races behind to finish second in Korea after taking his first pole position of the season and it turned out after the race that he was running with tyre bits in the front wing which was costing a good couple a tenths a lap, something which would surely have cost him a true crack at a third race victory of the season, but at the very least it shows that he's getting back to his best, but a split with his partner might explain a less than happy mood recently.

Ferrari are constantly lingering as the team behind the top 2 and they are almost in a race with themselves as they are far quicker than Mercedes but not quick enough (mainly Massa) to challenge the Red Bulls and Mclarens for victories, particularly on a consistent basis after the problems with the EBD after Silverstone.

In the midfield there is a serious log jam as Mercedes, Renault, Force India, Sauber and Toro Rosso fight over points and championship places as a lot of money is at stake for 4th-8th in the championship and it's probably the best place to see action at the moment as the racing has been close and extremely well fought with different cars being better at each different circuit with none having the best all round package of the 5 teams. Now even Team lotus is getting involved in the action as they are starting to beat some of these cars on pure pace which will no doubt please the owners, and Kovalainen beating Petrov on pure pace in Singapore would particularly have pleased the team after the rows with Group lotus this season.

No-one knows what to expect from the Indian track, but early reports indicate it's better than previous Tilke tracks, but then it can't be worse than Bahrain and Abu Dhabi really.... We hope so anyway.

For Galahad's superb write up, see here
Well this one is a bit of a nightmare, the website I usually use doesn't have india! so i'll have to find another one but temprature around this time of year is about 25-30 degrees so good chance of sun!
Apparantly Red Bull think this will be the 2nd fastest track on the calendar with an average speed of around 235kph which is around 15kph slower than Monza, that would mean it would usurp Silverstone for 2nd place.

I've played the track on F1 2011 (which I know isn't a great representation) and I found it quite enjoyable with the the second half of the lap proving really challenging, the double apex corner of turn 10/11 looks quite similar to China aswell.

I just wish the FIA opened up the circuit regulations a bit more, nowadays Monaco wouldn't be allowed as it doesn't meet minimum track width and yet there is still a race there. If it changed perhaps we might see some more unique circuits.
I know that around this time of the year in Delhi (close to the circuit) there is very little rain, and it is usually sunny.
The first and last sector remind me of Abu Dhabi...The second sector is not bad though nice few fast corners in quick succession, overall I don't think it will deliver, no matter how much the BBC and everyone else will big it up, just like every other track that first has a race.

Although, the first race there hasn't even happened! So I will reserve my judgement on it, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if it didn't deliver.
Here's F1 2011 version by Codemasters view of the new Indian track, and with Felipe behind the wheel.

It has a turn which is similar, but a smaller verizon of turn 8 in Instanbul.

:embarrassed: It's not in the DRS thread, it's in the qualifying thread. And I thought it was a long post, but all I could find was me saying that teams should'nt cop out using DRS to make up for a lack of straight-line speed.

I actually forgot to search but oh well I wouldnt of found it anyway!:p
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