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2011 Indian Grand Prix out of 10

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It seems like an interesting circuit but it was a fairly processional race.

I'm not sure that's the fault of the circuit though.
Some interesting overtakes ad battles, but it was fairly processional. A 6 from me - in other years, this race would have been considered quite good.
5. I think there were some individually very good performances at all ends of the track and credit to India for putting this on.
Fairly tedious probably would have been better if the track was finished and cleaned properly. Maybe next year. :disappointed:
I thought it was going to warm up but frankly it never did. Both tyre options were too conservative, though understandably so. I still think the circuit is fundamentally a good one for generating errors and for overtaking, but there certainly wasn't much of the latter today. 4.
I went with an 8 (which probably makes me the most excited person on these forums) because I thought it was great. Admittedly not a whole lot of action going on but that's not the fault of the circuit, they just need to clean it up and I'm sure they will, they are really passionate about motorsport and the atmosphere was great.
I gave it a 4, overly-hyped, reminiscent of Bahrain and Abu Dhabi, if Abu Dhabi has the wide turn ins into the straights I would expect a better race from there too.

I just finished watching the F1 Forum, that finished earlier than normal, the highlights have just came on after it, and they are only 5-8 minutes worth. I think that says it all really.
I went for a 6 as I thought it a bit dull. I have to say long before the race I wasn't expecting much but having heard and read some rave reviews I was expecting so much more. Without the hype I think I would have been pleasantly surprised but alas not.
I gave it a 5. I think that the track needs a couple of races to "bed in".

I could really feel my Tikka going, as they all pilau'd into the first Korma, and Massala trying to Bhaji Hamilton off the track, I thought oh my Gosht, what a dopiaza, he is going to have a phall from grace if he is not careful.

Other than that, the race was a bit of a procession, and although there was some interesting mid field action, I think we have had many far better races this year.

Edit - Not trying to curry favour....
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