2010 Bahrain Grand Prix Preview


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Round 1 - Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir

2010 will be the seventh Bahrain Grand Prix, all held at the Sakhir International Circuit.
This season a slightly revised, longer layout will be used for the first time.
Sakhir is a typical modern circuit with long straights, a predominance of slow and medium speed corners, and large asphalt runoff areas.
There has never been a wet Grand Prix at Sakhir.

The overall finishing rate at Sakhir is average.
The likelihood of a driver-related retirement is low compared to most circuits.
Mechnical failures are more likely at Sakhir than the average for other circuits on the calendar.
A first lap retirement is also a more likely occurrence.

In the past, Sakhir has been a good circuit for Jarno Trulli, Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Ferrari chassis and engines.
McLaren have yet to win a Bahrain Grand Prix.

The Last Five Years
200520137019 - Rubens Barrichello (Ferrari)
2006221840119 - Kimi Raikkonen (McLaren)
200722165228 - Christijan Albers (Spyker)
200822191226 - Giancarlo Fisichella (Force India)
200920191007 - Mark Webber (Red Bull) & Sebastien Bourdais (Toro Rosso)
[td]Year[/td][td]Starters[/td][td]Finishers[/td][td]Retirements - Mech[/td][td]Retirements - Acc[/td][td]Lap 1 retirements[/td][td]Most places gained[/td]

Circuit Ranking (of all 18 circuits)
Finishing Rate
=6th Shanghai 81%
=6th Silverstone 81%
8th Sakhir 80%
9th Hockenheim 79%

Mechanical Failures
1st Catalunya 19%
2nd Singapore 18%
3rd Sakhir 17%
4th Montreal 17%

Driver-related Retirements
16th Monza 4%
17th Sakhir 4%
18th Yas Marina 0%

First lap Retirements
3rd Catalunya 5.8%
4th Sakhir 5.7%
5th Spa 4.9%

Current Drivers' Records at Sakhir
Fernando Alonso661st (2)28007
Jarno Trulli662nd (1)24006.83
Felipe Massa661st (2)22006.33
Jenson Button631st (1)21128.17
Michael Schumacher321st (1)18101.33
Lewis Hamilton332nd (1)13003.33
Rubens Barrichello662nd (1)120010.17
Mark Webber656th (2)91010.5
Robert Kubica333rd (1)9006.67
Sebastian Vettel212nd (1)80111
Heikki Kovalainen335th (1)4009.33
Pedro de la Rosa115th (1)4008
Nico Rosberg447th (1)3009.75
Timo Glock227th (1)2007.5
Adrian Sutil3315th (1)00019.67
Vitantonio Liuzzi2111th (1)1016.5
Sebastien Buemi1117th (1)0016
Bruno Senna0------
Jaime Alguersuari0------
Kamui Kobayashi0------
Karun Chandhok0------
Lucas di Grassi0------
Nico H├╝lkenberg0------
Vitaly Petrov0------
[td]Driver[/td][td]Starts[/td][td]Finishes[/td][td]Best result[/td][td]Points[/td][td]Retirements - Mech[/td][td]Retirements - Acc[/td][td]Average grid pos.[/td]

Chassis Records at Sakhir
Ferrari12111st (3)63104.67
McLaren12102nd (1)41208.58
Renault1291st (2)30309.33
Mercedes GP1281st (1)29228.83
BMW Sauber12113rd (1)21209.75
Red Bull1292nd (1)133012.17
Williams12106th (2)11208.42
Force India121010th (1)02018.25
Toro Rosso12811th (1)02217.67
[td]Chassis[/td][td]Starts[/td][td]Finishes[/td][td]Best result[/td][td]Points[/td][td]Retirements - Mech[/td][td]Retirements - Acc[/td][td]Average grid pos.[/td]
Results for Mercedes GP include BAR, Honda and Brawn
Results for BMW Sauber include Sauber
Results for Red Bull include Jaguar
Results for Force India include Jordan, Midland and Spyker
Results for Toro Rosso include Minardi

Engine Records at Sakhir
Ferrari22181st (3)632211.05
Mercedes-Benz16141st (1)55209.31
Renault18131st (2)405010.56
Cosworth14106th (1)72014.57
[td]Engine[/td][td]Starts[/td][td]Finishes[/td][td]Best result[/td][td]Points[/td][td]Retirements - Mech[/td][td]Retirements - Acc[/td][td]Average grid pos.[/td]
Results for Ferrari include Petronas
Results for Cosworth include Ford

All ranking figures are expressed as a % of total starts.
"Retirements-Acc" are retirements where the reason has been listed as Collision, Accident or Spun Off.
Last year's FL Bahrain GP was won by Banu? with 827 points. Amdathlonuk was 2nd with 811, and FB third with 797. Bahrain was a high scoring Grand Prix, one of the 7 Grand Prix with a top score of more than 800 points. The lowest score was 591, by Croydon Bob.

The Bahrain GP was the season highlight for Banu?, with her highest score and only victory.
Thanks for that tby, good stuff.

Incidentally this was originally planned as a preview for Fantasy F1 players (hence it being a bit stats-heavy), but it serves just as well as a general preview for the race...
Nah, The stats heavy aspect is great. Brilliant way to introduce the GP and get discussion going in the lead up to the race.

Love it. Great stuff GM. :thumbsup:
One question to be asked before Bahrain is, can we trust that the performances we see are going to be reflective of the season to come?

Melbourne was exemplary in this respect, insofar as the Australian GP has been won by that season's world champion in 8 of the last 10 years. By comparison Bahrain isn't looking too bad at four out of six, but dig deeper and perhaps a different picture emerges.

Most obviously, of course, we had the frankly bizarre sight of a Toyota front row lock-out in Bahrain last season, and their race pace proved that it had been genuine (sadly it wasn't enough to protect them from their own crazy tyre choices). Similarly, a McLaren that was still walking on all fours and barking was able to end up on row three of the grid.

Partly the circuit layout must be held responsible. A strong engine, low drag for the long straights, good braking (and reliability will be critical) and traction are the keys to a good lap time. The lack of prolonged fast curves means a car with a downforce deficit - even a substantial one - may be able to cover this key weakness with other strengths.

Throw in the sandy surface and extreme temperatures and we also have to factor in teams making late adjustments to brake ducts and cooling, potentially ruining their aero efficiency.

So, in short - don't assume that the pattern from Bahrain is necessarily going to hold through the season.
The predominently 2nd and 3rd gear turns suited the Toyota and McLaren last year, Lewis and Jarno fought it out for third step of the podium at Albert Park and Sakhir. There are distinct simularities between the two circuits which means that it is or probably would be a good indicator in a normal season. :thinking:

However this isn't going to be a normal season with the certainty of there being four ultra competitive teams with eight competitive drivers. And there is the distinct possibility there's going to being two other very competitive teams in Sauber and Force India. It's very definately not going to be a normal season. :confused:
Excellent comments and analysis as usual GM.

We could see the McLaren's featuring strongly here, especially with their rear wing which apparently gives them at least 10 kph extra straight line speed on the long straights.

The main problem is though we really have no idea how the cars compare as it's the first race of the season with new rules.
Yes there is some testing data but that probably only tells about 80% of the story.

Less than 1 week to go now before Friday P1 :cheer:

Thanks for the vid' snowy.
cannot wait for the flag to drop and to meet my fellow clippers in chat during the race.

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bro, i hope you solved this issue with firefox on mac or you might lose one participant that day, me to be more precise :)
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For those of you who fancy a trip to the local bookmaker for a flutter on the Bahrain GP here is a round up of the latest odds.

(CTA excepts no responsibility for your loss LOL )

Fernando Alonso (Fer) 3/2
Lewis Hamilton (McL) 3/1
Sebastian Vettel (Red) 7/2
Michael Schumacher (Mer) 5/1
Felipe Massa (Fer) 11/2
Mark Webber (Red) 10/1
Jenson Button (McL) 10/1
Nico Rosberg (Mer) 14/1
Kamui Kobayashi (Sau) 35/1
Rubens Barrichello (Wil) 35/1
Adrian Sutil (For) 45/1
Robert Kubica (Ren) 60/1
Pedro De La Rosa (Sau) 60/1
Vitantonio Liuzzi (For) 70/1
Nico Hulkenberg (Wil) 90/1
Sebastien Buemi (Tor) 125/1
Jaime Alguersuari (Tor) 250/1
Vitaly Petrov (Ren) 250/1
Jarno Trulli (Lot) 450/1
Heikki Kovalainen (Lot) 450/1
Timo Glock (Vir) 450/1
Bruno Senna (HRT) 450/1
Lucas Di Grassi (Vir) 450/1
Whenever I see these odds I always think Mark Webber is great value.

10/1 for Jenson must be the longest odds for a defending champion since Hill at Arrows in 1997?
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