2002 Hungarian Grand Prix


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According to the 1983-2010 overtaking chart it lists there being only one overtaking move during the race, however I have found 2, both shown on TV and the F1 2002 Review video.

1. Coulthard passed Heidfeld at Turn 1 on lap 2

2. Raikkonen on Montoya at Turn 3 about lap 23. Montoya did run off the track but Raikkonen was already ahead and had fought for 3 corners. It was a pretty good move by Hungary standards :thumbsup:

There may have been others further down the field when Montoya had to pit after running wide but I haven't been able to spot any
Because Montoya ran off, that may have been the reason why it wasn't counted. Not sure if theres a similar thread to the one which details each overtake for the 2010 season, but for the past seasons. Keke or Galahad, and the others who are involved in this may have a document somewhere. Do you know where there is a video?
I thought I had commented on this already? Ah well.

2002 was before my time - Brian may be able to shed more light - but I'm sure you've correctly identified the main issue. It's arguable isn't it, but I would probably have counted it. Since Brian was working from the lap chart and JPM pitted at the end of that lap, it didn't show in the figures.
From the Autocourse lap chart Montoya pitted on lap 22 in 12th place having been 8th on lap 21 suspecting he had a puncture. Autocourse describe the pass as Raikkonen "hustling" Montoya off the track. Montoya didn't have a puncture but had damaged the under tray and diffuser earlier in the race (Button hit him on the first lap and he went over a kerb)
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