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Should there be reactions with negative values?

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Having used it today, I can confirm it’s really easy to use, I used the link that was / is at the top of the thread for the Belgian PQR, and I downloaded the app. If I can do it anyone can. :D
And. ...For everyone watching the highlights later in the day there is a live delayed chat. So you can chat with everyone watching later in the day. Pure, dead brilliant.
ill be signing up because ill loved the chat when I was able, but rarely can participate as I work sunday afternoons so flyaways at start & end
You may have noticed some (mostly cosmetic) changes.

I will be tweaking and updating things on an ongoing basis over the next few weeks/months.

I'm basically shit at styling though :D , so if there is a specific change you don't like, please feel free to say.
Just a quick comment, I did like the featured threads, they made this place stand to me when I joined. I guess it's not possible to do that now, but I thought I'd just mention it.
Thanks Angel.

That was actually an add-on I wrote myself, but it was only compatible with version 1 of XF (the forum software we use).

I am toying with the idea of writing a new add-on but it's a lot of work (i.e. hundreds of hours of coding) so not sure if I want to commit to that yet.

There are third party add-ons available for XF2 which do basically the same thing, but I don't want to be reliant on third party code as it can cause issues with upgrading the core software in the future.
Don't worry about it if it's that much work Brogan, I had no clue what was involved and obviously you don't necessarily want to have to do all that. I just thought I'd mention it is all. This place is still somewhere I enjoy being, it's the people as much as the way it looks that make it what it is.
thought id ask about this as i worried it could been dodgy thing. if i clicked upon it

you know what very nice. although the 1st loading bit font before transformed to what we have. i thought it was Victorian & we been talking very proper. saying how jose frolian Gonzalez is unlucky & with a full season in right car can be world champion ;)
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