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The software the site runs on, XenForo, is approaching a new release - version 1.4.

Of particular interest may be the following.



The entire list of new features and functionality is here:
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The software has now been released as a public beta.

I will be upgrading the site later today, once I have confirmed that everything works on my local development installation.
The site has been upgraded to XenForo 1.4 Beta 1.

If you notice any issues or problems, please let me know.
If you weren't already aware, it's an online indicator.

Hover over it and an [Online Now] tooltip will appear.
Thanks Brogan I had worked out that it was an online indicator. I was just clarifying that it was the same thing as the little green dot in the top right in your initial point at the start. Being very computer thick, as I am, I tend to be very literal.
I forgot about the green dot, even though it's only been a few weeks (that's old age for you).
It was changed to a triangle in a new location based on feedback.
The update your status is definitely a fun feature but is it possible for you to add a a button so I can like someones comment on my status. teabagyokel added a great comment to a recent status of mine and would have loved to have given it a like.
Click the three dots ...

Oh wait, you mean you want to like comments on profiles.
No, that's not possible.
It would require custom development.
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