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As some of you may have noticed, the site has been down a few times over the past couple of weeks.

It would appear that the server we are currently hosted on is on its last legs.

Additionally, as the OS is quite old, I am not able to upgrade the site to XF2 as the minimum requirements aren't met.

That being the case, I have decided to move the site to a new, managed server (so I don't have to worry about looking after it, upgrades, etc.).

I'm hoping to get it done fairly soon so you may notice a period of downtime as the migration completes.

Once we are on the new server, I can then look at installing an SSL (HTTPS) certificate, and upgrading the site.
The migration has started.

Just getting the new server set up, then the DNS will be updated, which may make the site unavailable for a time, depending on how long it takes to propagate.

Then once that is all working, the database and files will be moved to the new server.

Then the real "fun" starts ...
It's going to be a bit screwy for a while as the DNS is still propagating.
I can only access the site via http://www for example, not via https://.

I've temporarily removed the HTTPS rewrites until it settles down, then I'll enable them again.
I was unable to post the first time I tried, had to exit out of the site and try again. Then it worked. We shall see if this post gets accepted the first time.

Yea, it is working fine.
My connection was still getting confused on the DNS entries, but going through NordVPN works perfectly on the new URL. The joys of the Internet.
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