Upgrade to XenForo 1.2

The order of the secondary links for the Fantasy F1 tab has changed, with the most relevant links now on the right hand side.

This mirrors the main forum index tab and is so that the most relevant links remain on the nav bar as the browser window reduces in width and the responsive design takes effect.
The OTDB is now fully responsive.

All that remains are the Race Hub pages but I haven't yet decided whether to make those responsive or not as it's a lot of work for something which I doubt is used that much, especially on mobile devices.

mostly same style I think
Brogan I do really like the feature where the post is "saved" before it's posted.

Just like a latest email software, every now again one's post is saved to the HD!

It flagged up a signal, just in case you missed it... :)
You can also save and delete drafts manually by clicking on the little floppy disk icon.

Oh and once a draft is saved, it will remain for the next 24 hours, no matter what you do in the meantime, whether you are using a different computer, etc.
That applies for every single thread - each draft is separate.
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I've found that a draft is saved whether or not you click on the save draft icon and I like it, the times I've lost a post by navigating away from the thread without clicking post reply is just bloody silly, this feature is a blessing...
Yes, drafts are saved automatically every 60 seconds for 24 hours but you can override that saving more often (or deleting) if you wish.
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