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Here's a little something to while away the days before the US GP. I've done a few of these before getting you to post your fantasy ideal team or your selection for the poorest team ever. I've decided to try something a bit different but the same.

Picture the fantasy scene:

You're at home having a sleep when the phone goes. The team manager of your choice is on the line, and he says, "you're the only person that can save us, our regular driver has gone down with Delhi Belly and can't race, we're sending transport to pick you up and we will have you here in time for first practice. We've got all the kit you need"

So, the question is, which car would you be driving in your dream (from any era), who would be your team mate (from any era) and to which track would you be rushed off to (again from any era)?

It doesn't matter if you've never driven, if you are 2'6" in platform shoes or the only picture that you've got that shows your full body, was taken from the air, you can drive any car with any driver, anywhere, as this is your fantasy.

So, who would it be and more importantly for the benifit of the discussion. Why ??
One downside to that selection, not only are you competing against Hunt on track but also competing against him off track. He was the master of that domain, you'd do better competing against Lauda post 1976!
Lotus 77 (JPS), Nordschleife, Fangio.

My favorite, the best, the best.

Interesting choice the 77. Not one of the most well known Loti. The car that Mario won the 1976 Japanese GP in.
Jacky Ickx, Ferrari 312 B2, Austria 1971.

One of my favourite drivers in my all time favourite F1 car at one of the fastest race tracks ever. Perfect.
Jim Clark and I would be driving a Williams FW10 around Brands Hatch. I'd love to know what 1250 horse power felt like in qualifying and to take a car around Paddock Hill bend would be awesome. Also, I'd love to know what Jim Clark would do with all that horse power.
In my opinion Clark was the most gifted talented driver in the history of F1 and that includes todays collection.

Clark did not know how he drove so fast he could not understand why the others were so slow, it just came naturally to him..
One of the best accolades for Clark that I have ever seen came from Chris Amon (a driver of no mean ability) as found in the book 1967,Chris Amon, Scuderia Ferrari and the year of living dangerously:

"Jim Clark was the only guy that I really felt I could never beat. On my day I felt that I could foot it with anybody else but I never felt that Jimmy had to try that hard".
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