You Bet 2021


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the Results of the 3rd round of Youbet are in & there must be some mistake as it says that i was the winner even if it was by default, which cant be right as im usually a curse LOL

i think it might only be 3rd return from the bookies in the last 12 months

but with it being a low scoring round it is still as it stood at the top of the standings in Imola, with the top 4 tied & the Top 6 separted by 16. i will aim to get the odds up monday or tuesday depending on availability



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The odds on most drivers are great. But betting on them is a bit like turning brogans into origami.
Putting 10 on Lewis to get 11 back 👎. So I will make the best of a bad job.

10 ew on Max Verstappen. Please.

I can’t believe I actually just thought about my bet. 😳


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Nope. I think the site god is having a little giggle about Messer's Bottas and Alonso.

This is Bottas version 3 point Oh and Alonso's 6/10ths of genius.

yeah it took me but because I thought he was on about American betting odds which i know they do differently over there


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the results will up late tonight or tomorrow morning. nothing big just realised ive made a mistake during proof reading. cant recify it until im back home
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