You BET 2014 - The Game.


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The bookies is now open.

The rules.
1. If you want to play you can do so at any point in the year. You will receive £10 CTA Pounds/Brogans for every remaining race. (no actual monetary value) Just post the message 'I want to play'
2. Maximum 1 bet per round. (or the spread sheet gets messy)
3. You are betting on the winner of the race. Sorry, no each way bets.
4. I will post the odds taken from a randomly chosen betting shop around 5-7 days before the race.
5. To place a bet, post the race, driver, odds and money to bet in this thread. For example
Melbourne,Max Chilton, 1000/1, £25
6. You don't have to place a bet in every round, however sitting out the whole year with your starting stake untouched is not in the spirit of the game. So if no bet is placed for 3 consecutive races, you will automatically place a £30 bet on Max Chilton in the 3rd race.
7. Only 1 entry per season. Or to put another way once your bust, no re-entries.
8. All bets must be in before midnight UK time on the Thursday before the race. (Wednesday at Monaco) or they won't be counted.
9. I will post everyones balance after the official race result is announced.

So here are the odds for Melbourne

Good luck
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I'll play!

Fascinating that the bookies have Massa ahead of Kimi... At 12/1 Raikkonen looks good value, so that's my £10 bet to win.
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Just a minor point could everyone follow the format posted when placing a bet. As the season goes on it would just help me to keep track of the rounds and avoid errors in data entry.


Race venue, Driver, Odds, Bet

There goes a confident man, then again I am tempted by his odds as Jenson is a bit of a Melbourne specialist and has every chance of winning, I'm not saying I'm 50 notes tempted but I am tempted...
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