Notice Writers wanted for 2017 pre-race quizzes


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Always a popular feature in the warm up to a race weekend, once again we are seeking volunteers to write a quiz before each race weekend.

Please post below your picks:

March 26: Melbourne, Australia - FB
April 9:
Shanghai, China - Greenlantern101
April 16:
Bahrain, Bahrain - FB
April 30:
Sochi, Russia - Olegg
May 14:
Barcelona, Spain - FB
May 28:
Monte Carlo, Monaco - C_a_T
June 11:
Montreal, Canada - Bleu
June 25:
Baku, Azerbaijan - C_a_T
July 9:
Spielberg, Austrian - C_a_T
July 16:
Silverstone, United Kingdom - Racecub
July 30:
Budapest, Hungary - C_a_T
August 27:
Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium - TBY
September 3:
Monza, Italy - Bleu
September 17
: Singapore, Singapore - TBY
October 1:
Sepang, Malaysia - C_a_T
October 8:
Suzuka, Japan - Greenlantern101
October 22:
Austin, USA - Olivier
October 29:
Mexico City, Mexico - TBY
November 12:
Sao Paolo, Brazil - C_a_T
November 26:
Abu Dhabi, UAE - Bleu
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I'll have a go at Silverstone if you like. :o ( Eeeeeeeks what am I saying? )
I have no idea how this works, what sort of questions you want, whether people can google or not, how it's marked.
This may be an alternative type of quiz :dizzy:

Feel free to omit me if you think it's for the best.

Thanks - your in. :D

You'll get the idea from ones people have already put up.

Generally it's 10 questions on the history of the race you've chosen (or on a theme about that country). As an example, FB chose to do 10 Jack Brabham themed questions in his pre Australian GP quiz.

No worries about marking. People post their own scores. We rely on a bit of honesty and integrity. Its just a bit of fun.

Write the question and then hide the answer using the "spoiler" button in the post tool bar.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks for volunteering. CaT.
I fill in the last two which completes the set.

Thanks for all those who volunteered.

Happy Quizzing
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