Notice Call for Pre Race Quiz Writers 2019


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Hello peeps

What was once a fun filled brain bashing highlight of our pre-Race prep has lost its way a little over the last 18 months or so.

Here's your chance to put that right by volunteering to write a pre-Race Quiz.

All instructions on how to do so are easy to find in the quiz part of the forum.

Stick your name down for a quiz and who knows, you may win quiz of the year at the end of season awards.

Cheers CaT

Mar 17 Australia Angel
Mar 31Bahrain FB
Apr 14 China FB
Apr 28 Azerbaijan F1Brits_90
May 12 Spain Bleu
May 26 Monaco Angel
Jun 9 Canada cider_and_toast
Jun 23 France F1Brits_90
Jun 30 Austria cider_and_toast
Jul 14 Great Britain Greenlantern101
Jul 28 Germany Olivier (Angel on standby)
Aug 4 Hungary cider_and_toast
Sep 1 Belgium F1Brits_90
Sep 8 Italy The Artist.....
Sep 22 Singapore cider_and_toast
Sep 29 Russia Angel
Oct 13 Japan Bleu
Oct 27 Mexico Olivier
Nov 3 USA F1Brits_90
Nov 17 Brazil FB
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