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  1. cider_and_toast

    Pre-GP Quiz 2017 Monaco Grand Prix Quiz

    Welcome to the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix quiz and hopefully 10 questions to tickle the brain: 1. In 1979 the former 'Gazometer Turn' was renamed in honour of the founder of the Monaco Grand Prix. How is this corner now known? 2. Graham 'Mr Monaco' Hill took 5 wins at the circuit, all in the...
  2. cider_and_toast

    Notice Writers wanted for 2017 pre-race quizzes

    Always a popular feature in the warm up to a race weekend, once again we are seeking volunteers to write a quiz before each race weekend. Please post below your picks: March 26: Melbourne, Australia - FB April 9: Shanghai, China - Greenlantern101 April 16: Bahrain, Bahrain - FB April 30...
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