Notice Writers wanted for 2018 PQR Threads.


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It's that time of year again as we ponder a new season of F1 to ask around for those willing to write the pre-GP script for each race of the season.

Each Practice, Qually and Race thread should be in place around a couple of weeks before the first practice for each race as detailed in the list below.

As long as the title is in the same format of previous years then the content is entirely down to the writer. It could be predictions on the race to come, a review of the country / track, history of the race or a combination of all or none.

I'll kick things off by covering Melbourne.

For the rest, please post which races you would like to write for and I will ammend the first post to show which have been taken.

Thanks in advance.


25th March - Melbourne, Australia - Cider_and_Toast
8th April - Sakhir, Bahrain - FB
15th April - Shanghai, China - RasputinLives
29th April - Baku, Azerbaijan - Olivier
13th May - Barcelona, Spain - cider_and_toast
27th May - Monaco, Monaco - RasputinLives
10th June - Montreal, Canada - teabagyokel
24th June - Le Castellet, France - FB
1st July - Spielberg, Austria - cider_and_toast
8th July - Silverstone, Great Britain - cider_and_toast
22nd July - Hockenheim, Germany - Titch
29th July - Budapest, Hungary - RasputinLives
26th August - Spa Francorchamps, Belgium - cider_and_toast
2nd September - Monza, Italy Titch
16th September - Singapore, Singapore - FB
30th September - Sochi, Russia - teabagyokel
7th October - Suzuka, Japan - FB
21st October - Austin, Texas - Olivier
28th October - Mexico City, Mexico - RasputinLives
11th November - Sao Paolo, Brazil - cider_and_toast
25th November - Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi - gethinceri
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After the initial rush, things have gone quiet. Come on people, have your chance to harvest likes and increase your featured thread count.
Good to see some familiar faces coming out of their winer hibernation to return to the site.

Just a reminder everyone that we are still looking for people to write the PQR threads.
Some one will step in, the PQRs aren't too bad to fill. It's the quizzes we're struggling with.

Someone has already forgotten to do China cough cough.
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