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All of you will be aware that alongside the PQR thread for each race we also like to challenge ourselves with a quiz on the event as well.

It's that time of the year when we ask for anyone wishing to put themselves in the firing line and write a quiz specific to each GP.

I've retired from writing these but I'm sure a lot of you get a good deal of enjoyment out of challenging your fellow forum members.

The instructions on how to write a quiz can be found pinned to the top of the quiz forum.

It would be good to see a variety of names on the list and if you haven't done one before why not give it a go.

Please post below and let me know which race or races you would like to take and I will update the main list.

Thanks in advance - C_a_T

25th March - Melbourne, Australia - teabagyokel
8th April - Sakhir, Bahrain - FB
15th April - Shanghai, China - RasputinLives
29th April - Baku, Azerbaijan Bleu
13th May - Barcelona, Spain
27th May - Monaco, Monaco
10th June - Montreal, Canada - Olivier
24th June - Le Castellet, France - FB
1st July - Spielberg, Austria - racecub
8th July - Silverstone, Great Britain Bleu
22nd July - Hockenheim, Germany cider_and_toast
29th July - Budapest, Hungary - cider_and_toast
26th August - Spa Francorchamps, Belgium - cider_and_toast
2nd September - Monza, Italy - racecub
16th September - Singapore, Singapore - Angellica
30th September - Sochi, Russia - Olivier
7th October - Suzuka, Japan - FB
21st October - Austin, Texas - Angellica
28th October - Mexico City, Mexico
11th November - Sao Paolo, Brazil
25th November - Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi
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Just two volunteers so far. Come on everyone, give a little back by testing our knowledge. Get the quiz that you want to see and gain a few likes in the process. It would be a shame to let this aspect of the race weekend wither on the vine.

I may be forced to come out of retirement before going in to it.

You can't please everyone all the time but it can be as much fun assembling a quiz as answering one.
Where's "Angry from Scotland" who wanted multiple choice quizzes with only one answer per question LOL I'm going to make mine absolute stinkers just to annoy him.
As the season slowly comes up over the horizon it's good to see a few familiar faces coming back to these pages.

Let's have some fresh blood writing our pre-race quizzes this season to spread the love.

Still need a lot of gaps filling here. Remember, if you've not seen the quiz you want then why not write one yourself?
I don't really care about which quizzes I would do in 2019.

If I have looked it up correct, I have never done those below. So I would take two of those with the following criteria:

- One from the first five, one from the last five
- One bolded and one non-bolded


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