2019 Calendar

I think he meant because Germany only seems to do every two years rather than every year due to the political situation.
Excuse me, what political situation? People are just free these days to make up some troll stories, or what's the deal? The only situation I am aware off, in contrast to many other venues, German government refused to release taxpayer's funds to subsidy a British private company (FOM/CVC). Two tracks - which were willing to share event - were left on their own, and because they couldn't gather demanded fee every year, they agreed to rotate and each track host an event every two years instead. This may have now changed. I am not exactly sure.
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I think you misunderstood. I meant the political situation as in circuit owners refusing to pay F1 big bucks to hold a Grand Prix!
Well this is no longer a provisional calendar, the FIA have confirmed it with no changes according to what I read, so it's now the official race calendar for 2019.
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