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Courtesy to user Estesark on f1fanatic, the replies there fascinated me so much that I thought it was worth to see what you guys can come up with. We could have a dull race, but I’m sure we’re all hoping for a thriller to cap off an entertaining season. If there are some unexpected twists, you can bet your life that at least one commentator will say something like “you couldn’t make it up”. Well, this is your chance to make it up :)

Describe, in as much detail as you like, how next weekend’s Grand Prix will play out. Throw in unpredictable weather, safety cars, crashes, dogs on the track, Frank Williams promoting himself to a race seat, Pedro de la Rosa leading the race thanks to a twenty-car pile-up, whatever you like. Just make it as tense and exciting as possible, and we’ll see if any of our scenarios turn out to be anything like reality :)

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Alonso has a breakdown in Q1 and is eliminated.

Vettel and Hamilton crash at Turn One; both out. Now a massive charge ensues to see if Alonso can get to the podium place he requires...

69 laps and 2 Safety Cars later: Webber leads from Button, with Massa third, ahead of Raikkonen who crosses just ahead of the Ferrari man. Alonso pulls alongside Raikkonen in the DRS braking zone, with Massa pulling off the throttle in readiness?

On the Red Bull put-wall, Seb holds his breath.

What happens?
I continued a story from the following basis:
  • Mid-race rain has Hamilton, Vettel and Lewis fight for the lead.
  • All three pit for the last time this season. Vettel's pit stop goes horrible however, and the right-rear tire isn't mounted correctly. Before he knows what has happened, it runs off and he ends the race in the wall.
  • With 10 laps to go, Lewis Hamilton is leading, Fernando Alonso is second with Mark Webber gaining quickly. Wiley old Michael Schumacher has made the best of the rain though, and on the freshest tires, is charging towards Alonso and Webber.
When Vettel returns to the pits, he finds out that it was actually a Ferrari mechanic who knocked out a Red Bull mechanic, attempting to mess up Vettel’s race. Furious, Vettel walks out to the pit wall, takes his helmet, and throws it at Alonso the next time he passes the line. Shocked, Alonso crashes into the pit wall, and even before the broken Ferrari has come to a halt, Fernando jumps out and charges towards Vettel like a Spanish bull. Remembering his ninja skills from the Chinese commercial spot earlier this year, an epic freefight ensues. Few notice that Michael Schumacher takes a historical last win, as a ring forms around the two would-be champions, no one wanting to break up the most epic battle of the season.

Later that evening, with the whole world desperately awaiting the outcome of the fight that continued off-camera in the press room, the FIA announce that aside from Michael Schumacher, there were no winners today, only losers. Ferrari is disqualified from the WCC for the mechanic-switch, and is handed a tax-deductable fine of $42 dollars (it’s still the FIA). Both Vettel and Alonso are disqualified from the championship and banned for life for their fight. Kimi Räikkönen, drunk of his bottom now that the season has ended, receives a phone call that he has just won the championship. In a special press conference where the world press gathered in Monaco, Kimi announces that “it was nice to win”, before he leaves the stage after only 5 words.

2 years later, one week before the 2014 Chinese Grand Prix, the world press is gathered and gets in a bus with an unknown destination. A day’s drive later, they arrive in Thailand, where they enter what can best be described as an underground dungeon. They emerge in a muddy ring surrounded by seats. Everyone takes a seat, camera rolls, and the spotlights slowly light up the right corner. A shabby looking guy with a long beard cracks his knuckles. In the left corner, 5 foot long dirty blond locks cover the face of a guy in a martial arts outfit. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for, for 2 years: the battle between Vettel and Alonso is finally going to be decided, live on pay-per-view!
Vettel DNF. Alonso is 4th on the last lap, and the last straight. Massa is 3rd. Massa slows down but Alonso is unaware, and ploughs straight into the back of Massa. Thus, he passes the finish line flying through the air and is crowned World Champion.
Alonso on Pole, with Vettel in second, Massa in third. Massa takes Vettel out at the first corner, although he is able to make it round to the pits, and gets out again, but way behind the pack.
70 bansai laps later, Vettel fights his way through into third place to win the WDC.
Vettel and Alonso are side-by-side going into Turn 4 for the lead, Alonso turns into and cynically takes Vettel out. Alonso is disqualified from the championship and Seb takes the title...

...However, Red Bull are found to be in possession of Mclaren technical information four days later. With what happened in 2007, the FIA this time take a stronger stance and disqualify them from not only the Constructors' but also Vettel and Webber have all their points for 2012 stricken from the record.

Raikkonen, having finished in 5th just behind Hamilton in Brazil, takes the title!!! :D
The rain would be so heavy that the cars follow behind the safety car for ten laps and then the race is cancelled :(.
Vettel and Alonso qualify 1 and 2. Vettel requests that pole is moved to the other side of the track but Jean Todt refuses. As they go down to turn 1 the Ferrari is just ahead, Vettel turns in putting both cars into the gravel trap. Vettel is World Champion.

Hmmm, this sounds familiar :thinking:
Webber qualifies on Pole and Vettel in 2nd and a still on form Massa in 3rd. Alonso has another shocker and ends up in 9th place on the grid. Even a grid penalty for Massa won't move Alonso up the grid.

At the start Webber gets a poor start and Vettel tries to dive through on the first corner, they touch, suspension and carbon fibre everywhere both red bulls are out. The safety car comes out for 6 laps until the debris is cleared up.

At the restart its Massa, Lewis, Jenson, Alonso.

the cars are evenly matched and a 5 second gap is maintained between each of the cars throughout the race, giving plenty time to analyse the points situation.

Alonso currently 4th must get 3rd to win the drivers championship, but if Massa is ordered to drop back behind Alonso then Mclaren will take 2nd place in the constructors.

On the last lap Massa slows down and lets Lewis and Jenson through, but Alonso is slowing, does he have a problem. On the line Massa is crawling along waiting for Alonsos sick car to catch him, but The flying fin has other ideas from 5th Kimi rips down the start finish line side by side Massa, Alonso and Kimi cross the line together for the closest ever photo finish. But was Alonso 3rd does he have the championship ?
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