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Would you have chosen to retire like Nico?

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No passing through my dirty air please
I can't actually remember a more shocking out of the blue retirement that this one. The last person I think to retire as World Champion was Alain Prost but I think we all saw that coming and it was known before the season ended (I might be wrong there).

Question I want to ask here though is who would have done what Rosberg has done? Do you think you too would have walked away early at the top to go be with your young family or do you think you'd have been chomping at the bit to go for title number 2?

Its all subjective I know but personally I've tried putting myself in the situation and I'm torn. What do you guys reckon?
I admire what he's done. I think the closest other drivers have come to that, I can think of, are Mike Hawthorn, Jackie Stewart and possibly Jodie Scheckter and Mika Hakkinen.

I can well understand what all that travel and upheaval does when trying to maintain a family life as well. Also, Rosberg has taken a while to get to where he wanted to be. Maybe if this was his fourth season in the sport and was younger then he'd have been more hungry.
I'm not sure if I would, although I just voted yes. I can totally imagine what he feels, because to be at the top you have to live for it. You have to put everything else aside and just focus on one thing. He's been in Formula One for quite some time now. He has achieved his ultimate goal. He has a wife and a little kid. I can imagine he'd rather be with them, than racing around the world for some more years.

And not to belittle him, but I think he knows that the chances are slim he gets another title as long as Hamilton is in the same team as he his.* Also I can imagine that with the constant competition with Hamilton it can be quite stressful at times, so I can totally understand his decision.

* and I do not say that he didn't deserve this title, because he totally did. After all he scored the most points, and by default you deserve the title if you do that.
I think he doesn't like being beaten, and by quitting now he quits at the top. It's pretty unlikely he will win the championship again so from now on his future would be downhill. If you don't need the money, then why continue.

Personally though I would continue, for the money.
I wouldn't have.

I understand why he has; he's got what he did it all for, he knows 2016 can never happen again for him. He's never had the mindset of a Prost or Senna or Schumacher or Alonso or Hamilton or Vettel that he needs one more. Fair enough.

Good luck, Nico.

If you no longer enjoy what you are doing (and I doubt he's been enjoying himself, given how his relationship with Hamilton has gone downhill) and can afford to quit, IMO you'd be a fool not to.
It would depend on the exact circumstances, he obviously feels quite strongly that his wife and child have paid a high price for his dream, and it's more than he's prepared to do a second time. So if he feels that, he has to go, his heart is no longer in it, why throw away your family for something you no longer want to do.

I fully respect his decision fully understand the reasons. Now me i want to keep going as much i can. & bit like Olympians he probally woke up, thought do i have the motivation to go through all this next season, he obviously said no & so lets go out on top.

I know he has had problems with the media as webber said on Channel 4 he nearly quit after his 1st season. As he couldnt take the pressure
Nico is a family man, and that much was obvious from the podium at Abu Dhabi. He's done what he set out to do in his career, regardless of all the total morons across the BBC and other sites who think he's not a deserving WDC.
Good luck for the future, enjoy family life and let the detractors screw their heads about the reasons for your retirement.

Hopefully, Nico and Lewis' relationship will improve now they're not racing each other.
Considering how long Nico has taken to get to the top 10 years and he knows that he will never get another car to win the championship then it makes sense

He does not know how well Merc will fare next season and can see that the next generation of drivers are coming through and maybe now is a good time to bow out

His more ruthless and aggressive approach this season has been forced upon him due to the intensity and formidableness of his teammate and he probably thought if the stakes were high again would he want to put himself at risk again and took a lot out of him mentally

He would have no doubt won more races but he is not sure if he can show such consistency to be champ

Also the criticism about being undeserving champion maybe something he won't want to hear if he has a season like Scheckter

I think he appreciates how much time his wife has to deal with and not watch his daughter grow up is something he does not want to miss out

He is rich enough so money is no objection

I have no doubt he will probably crop doing DTM or Le Mans in the future if he decides to put on the helmet and gloves again

Once you get to the top its harder to stay there and also the only is down and probably seeing how Button and Alonso have struggled at the back of the grid is something he does not want to do into his mid thirties

This was an absolute bolt out of the blue considering he was approaching his peak
I can't actually remember a more shocking out of the blue retirement that this one. The last person I think to retire as World Champion was Alain Prost...

Nigel Mansel in 1992 retired a champion. (he came back in 1994)
Then Prost in 1993 did the same.

So it does happen, nico in good company.
As far as I know, almost nobody knew in 1973 that Stewart was planning to stop. So that will have been quite a shock as well.
Mansell went because Williams didn't want to pay him oodles of money so wasn't same really. Prost went because a) he never should have come back and b) he didn't want Senna as a team mate. Neither of those were as out the blue as this
You need to enjoy it, if you don't then go. It was fairly well known that Stewart would retire after his third WDC, the money was there and he had beaten Clark's 2 WDC's along with family pressure.
I did not understand the political nature of F1 then back in 92 when Mansell, Prost and Senna all wanted to drive for Williams

Mansell felt he should be undisputed No 1 and therefore double his salary as well as guarantees from the team before he hit out at the politics and retiring from F1. It was odd then having become world champion probably one decision he would regret seeing how Prost was poor by his standards in 93

Prost sat out but manipulate everything in the background carefully as ever the master politician

Senna had enough of finishing 3rd and 4th and felt he needed to do everything to get into the best car despite all his efforts with Mclaren even this proved too much...now which driver currently on the grid is in the same predicament ?:whistle:
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