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We've not had a caption comp for a few weeks so to while away the last few days before Italy, here's one.

What's being said here?
So I asked for an Australian team-mate who goes back about 5 places every time he qualifies on the first lap. I guess they'll talk him out of retirement because I can't think of anything else around that time.
Keep smiling dingo breath.... remember, no.1 team, no.2 driver beats no team no drive, so smile at the camera and tell them you'll be pushing me!
Ahead of travelling to Monza, at Maranello Fernando Alonso listened in to a secret Red Bull rendezvous...

Seb; “Listen carefully, Pussy Cat. You’re to use that lovely big nose of yours to…. @#?+&^%$£ … &*(/> …[Click].”

"Sorry Fernando, we’ve lost the mic at the end there. Must be some kind of interference coming from somewhere. It seemed to come from far away. Maybe interstellar..?" :ermmm:
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