The heck do they call champagne?


Does anybody know what the champagne shout normally is nowadays? It really irks me every time that I cannot make out what the guy is saying 😄

It used to be "And now, the champagne!" but for the last few years at least it's been something different. It sounds like "Aw, the cheenay!" Sometimes you can hear him saying "And now, to celebrate the win" right before. The exact same thing is said on most podiums (sometimes it's different, maybe cause of a different announcer or sth). Most recently it could be heard on the Las Vegas, Brazilian and Mexican podiums.
So nobody knows huh 😅

Weird that they would choose to shout something nobody understands

Since the drink is Italian, he could be trying to say something like "origine" (meaning "origin") in Italian. Although, I don't know how that would make sense.
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