Technical Wind Tunnel Education


Pole Sitter
Found this on YouTube & to quote: Sauber F1 Team Head of Aerodynamics, Willem Toet, about the science of F1 wind tunnel design and testing!

Part 1 reveals some basics and design principles:the Sauber team

There are others to look at in the sequence, but very interesting to understand the basics of even how Wind Tunnels are made, how vibrations are managed and also the shape of the Wind Tunnel to deal with it's own drag.
One of our customers used to make scaled down versions of aircraft wings and then tested them in a wind tunnel. I was talking to one of the engineers, he said that these cost thousands of pounds to make and sometimes there were vibrations which could build up very quickly ; they then had to shut the tunnel down immediately before the model wing collapsed. They had had a few close shaves.
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