Poll Who will take the 2014 WDC

Who will take the 2014 World Drivers Championship

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Just thought I would test the water.

With 7 races to go who do you think will be world champion?

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I never ever thought I'd be voting that Nico Rosberg would be world champion but he just keeps getting the results.

I can't say I'll be cheering him home because I won't but I just think he has the upperhand now.
RasputinLives Nico has the mathematical upperhand but I think he losing his head. And the luck will swig the other way at some point I think. I'm still believing Lewis will do it at the last race (hopefully double points wont make the difference).
If lewis does do it in the last race BUT wins only because of the double points..... Would it still be fair. Or would it just be payback for all the bad luck?
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You know what, we could be witnessing a re-run of 86 with the two best cars leaving the door open for the third man. So, I'm not certain it will happen but since the Rosberg and Hamilton battle is becoming corrosive lets hope Danny can grin his way to the crown.
Would also be similar to 2007 cider_and_toast which was the last in depth team mate battle Hamilton was involved in.

I wouldn't put money on it but it would be great to watch. Rosberg and Hamilton take each other out at the first corner of Abu Dhabi and Ricciardo wins it by double points!
I would be quite happy with Dan winning, and the fact he would do it in a championship winning car.. when Seb couldn't.

Icing on the cake.
Interesting question. So If our world champion is mathematically uncatchable in the final race and for a laugh switches to Caterham for the final race. Would that make the Caterham a championship winning car?
No, there's a difference between the championship winning driver and the constructor. He would still be a champion but not in the winning car.
It's like when drivers have taken the number 1 to another team after their title. Was Arrows a championship winning car even when it had Hills number 1 on the front?
Yes, but has any driver ever won either the WDC or WCC title by driving a car which did not?

Let me provide a clue; I think you'll find that the answer is no.
Whilst it is still a long shot but Daniel Ricciardo could do it you know given the way Rosberg has marginalised himself at Mercedes


I could see a situation where Lewis needs to overtake Nico to win the title but Nico slams the door in his face and they take each other whilst Ricciardo takes full advantage of it .... the sub plot behind this is how will Vettel react when he has to support his team mate's title charge - the ignominy of it might be too much to take as reigning champ
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