Poll Who will get the Williams 2nd seat?

Who will get the Williams seat next to Stroll?

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It wouldn't surprise me if Di Resta got that seat, because massa is seemingly get unhappy the cars aero is living up to the expectations I had pre season that they would be awful because I mention this time 12 months ago that the dominant Mercedes engine covered up a multitude of aero sins. didn't the McLaren Honda out qualified the Williams Mercedes show how bad it is. massa has said because of the nature of martini deal he doesn't want to be last resort he wants to sign because they think he the best option not the only option. di resta has always been a good driver & is over 25
Ooh that's easy. It'll be, erm, hang on, well. Not Kubica.

Can we have a 'Don't care' button?
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Isn't that a sad reflection of Williams and the talent pool available in F1 that we as fans can only suggest a driver who should have retired last year, two British drivers whose F1 careers would flatter the word mediocre and a guy so badly injured that it's a miracle he can drive let alone drive an F1 car.
Pastor Maldonado, he was close to returning last season according to some of his statements.

I know, it sounds absurd, I hope it remains an absurd idea and doesn't become reality.
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Massa is rubbish though. He keeps driving into things like a grandpa who should have his drivers license revoked. They might as well get Palmer, slow, but reliable.
Kubica is now being thrown into the mix. I doubt he can muscle the current F1 cars on tracks like Singapore and Monaco where he will be severely tested

Palmer has got the remaining races to show he deserves to stay and today could be just the start
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