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That is when did you start watching F1?

The first season I remember watching with my dad was 1982 and I distinctly remember my old man, who is normally a quite reserved chap being visibly upset when he heard the news of Gilles Villeneuve's death, pretty much been glued to the box on a season sunday ever since then (aside from the saturday races)
I think I first started watching from some point in the 1984/85 season when I was about 10 or 11. I don't remember too much because it would mainly have been my mum and dad watching. I'm sure I remember watching Lauda win a race at some point.

My first real strong memory was of Jacques Laffites crash at the 86 British GP. I know I'd been watching F1 before that but I think it was from this point onwards that I know I made every effort to watch each race.

Mum was a massive Jim Clark fan so it was through that that I started supporting Lotus. I have a copy of the Daily Express from the day after Clarks death. Mum kept it in her show to the son one day box. (she also kept a scrap book of every game of the 66 world cup and of the moon landings) (good work mum :thumbsup: )
I've been watching F1 since the mid 60's, my older brothers were addicted. I only became really gripped during 1976 then I missed virtually every GP from 80-85 when I was far too busy getting very drunk and off my head, :whistle: I've been enjoying watching bikes and touring cars a lot since the the early 70's too... more actually... :embarrassed:
I started following F1 in 1963. My favorites were 2 of the all-time greats--Jim Clark and Dan Gurney (whom Clark called "the only man he feared"). World Championship Sports Cars were great then too--the epic Ford vs. Ferrari duels, then the emergence of Porsche with the awesome 917.

The drivers then had real personalities then, not like the corporate suits they are now. Plus, they were frequently very good friends as well.

I've always been grateful that I was alive to enjoy the racing in the '60s and '70s. I will always consider that to have been the Golden Era.
I have vague memories of watching Alan Jones at the 1980 British GP, Brands Hatch. I was 7 at the time, and the commentator kept mentioning this guy Jones in a Williams so I thought he must be good, and it followed from there. At the time I didn't realise he was an Aussie and not a Brit, but that didn't matter. He went on to win the title, and I got into F1 so much my parents allowed me to stay up late to watch the Caesar's Palace GP in 1981, Jones' last race.

When Jonesy retired, in 1982 Keke took up the mantle of favourite driver (and also won the WC) until his retirement.

A handful of years later, I finally bought and built one of these

I can remember watching some F1 races in 1979 (Villeneuve limping home on 3 wheels at Zandvoort still sticks in my mind) but didn't really take a proper interest until seeing the British Grand Prix at a mates house in 1980. If I recall correctly the British GP was the only one the BBC covered live. Seeing the two Ligiers hobble out of the race and then Alan Jones coming through to win just caught my imagination.

I watched Grand Prix on the BBC diligently after that and even remember one night in 1981 tuning into to the AFN network so that I could hear the Long Beach race live - the excitement, live foreign race coverage! How times have changed.
I remember chatting to my mate about James Hunt becoming World Champion in 1976. As I was only six, I didn't really know a lot about it! So I relied on my older friend for information. Unfortunately, he was only seven, so he didn't know anything either and just made it up! After a few minutes discussing something neither of us knew, we probably went off to play hide & seek or something. :confused:

It wasn't until the mid eighties, when I had my first portable TV in my bedroom, that I became interested in F1. I used to watch the occasional coverage on the BBC wondering why the races were on so late. It was watching those races, or rather Nigel Mansell, that got me hooked.

And then in the nineties I had the "privilege" of paying for Sky TV, in the house where I rented a room. The only thing worth watching on it was the motor racing. Indycar on Eurosport, WSB on Sky sports and of course F1 on BBC/ITV. I even watched the Paris/Dakar rally.

After watching so much motor racing on TV, I suppose I should really get around to going to a few race events... :thinking:
I used to watch a little in the mid to late 70's, but got pulled in by a school friend around 79/80. My addition really kicked off going to Silverstone in 1981 - getting Piquet crashing about 10 feet in front of us and watching my mate join the crowd going onto the circuit to scavenge for parts after the race. I think it was the smell as much of the noise that got the juices flowing.

Went to all the British GPs up till 1986 and one German and Austrian GP in 1982 - just so I could see Elio win!

Going again this year - really looking forward to re-experiencing going, but concerned that the freedom may have gone somewhat.
around 1968. but it didnt make too much of an impression, F1 was not shown on tv too much. but the fun started with the JPS Lotus cars.
My earliest memory is of the black and gold JPS Lotus (or Lotii if you're Clive James).

I can't say for sure though when I started watching and following it seriously.
I started watching f1 FULL TIME when I was 10 back in 2001 (although I caught brief glimpses now and then in 98, 99 and 2000). Yes I remember it well. Catching the tale end of the Malaysian GP 2001 one Sunday morning, seeing the legend that was Schumacher take a great victory and then subconsciously I was glued the next race - Brazil 2001 - DC using a backmarker to pass Schumi in the wet, Montoya starring until his afternoon was abruptly ended by Jos Verstappen :snigger: ! Then it was official F1 Addict from that point onwards!
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