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Did Rosberg do it deliberately?

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You all know the incident, but if you don't, I haven't ruined qually for you, so, we have wait till the decision from the stewards, so was it on purpose?
And you can't sit on the fence for this one!
The mistake: no.
But the cynic in me feels that the fact that the reversed onto the track while the session was still running and not having any real incentive (in terms of improving his laptime) to do so seems a little too convenient...
Lost control of the car yet careful not to damage it at all, like Schumacher. Also why did he reverse back onto the track with no chance of improving his lap time?

He didn't look remotely remorseful afterwards, I think it was deliberate.
I think the FIA are in the best place to make this call they have all the footage and telemetry. I will leave it to them. We never saw the reversing so I can't really make a call either way.
Why would he look remorseful? He'd just got pole and was probably very relieved given he ballsed up his final lap. Incidents happen and especially here. Lewis said himself he should have put it on pole sooner. Everyone is assuming Hamilton would have definitely got pole but are forgetting Rosberg at that point - all things equal had set the faster lap.
I'm not saying Hamilton would have got pole. Simply that he was P1 at that point, knew Hamilton behind him on track, had already had a poor sector one and could have been under threat from Hamilton. He is then in an incident in which the is no damage to the car, and although I've not seen it he apparently reversed back onto the track in an active session when there was seemingly no benefit in doing so.

Very suspicious.
Lewis was really bent out of shape, I can't help thinking his engineer said something to him about Nico's lock up.
No way. Never in a million years.

There was no intent to crash. Look how committed he was going into casino square. He was On. The. Limit. Reversing? The yellows were already waving. They didn't start waving because Nico started reversing.

Lewis's paranoia will be his undoing again. Maybe Nico did decide to use the accident to mess with Lewis's head? It worked.

But there was no intent to cause the yellows. Never in a million years.
What does it have to do with Hamilton?

Everything. From yesterday http://mobile.f1today.nl/en/news/hamilton-can-snap-if-something-isnt-quite-right--rosberg/

Furthermore, anyone who thinks he did it on purpose is explicitly acknowledging that they think Rosberg did it to derail Hamilton.

So whether he did the accident on purpose or just the reaction, it has everything to do with Hamilton.

There are two Lewises: Happy Winning Lewis and Sulky Not Winning Lewis. One if them is invincible, the other brittle.
I'm still not sure what an article about Rosberg talking about Hamilton has to do with today's incident and why that makes Hamilton paranoid.

It never ceases to amaze me how Hamilton usually ends up being the bad guy in any incident he is remotely connected with.

I guess as always, people see what they want to, depending on who they like, or dislike as the case may be.
To be clear, I didn't say or think Lewis was the bad guy. Nor do I dislike him.
Well Hamilton clearly thinks it was on purpose to screw his lap and that's before watching it back, which is pretty paranoid.
Fair point.
It's not like a team mate has ever tried to screw the other team mate is it?

Oh wait...

For the record, I don't think Rosberg binned it on purpose, even if his steering wheel input was very odd running down the hill and approaching the turn.
As for the reversing, I didn't see it so can't comment - I believe it is that which is being investigated.
I expect a 5 or 10 place penalty for impeding others by reversing onto the circuit. Irrespective of the intent of the initial crash. Having a merc working it's way through the field will be better than them taking each other out another first corner.
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