Poll Valencia - Where to sit?

WHO is the God of Hellfire!?

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  • This poll is a waste of space and I refuse to pander to your strangeness.

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I might be around the area around the time of the GP, which usually is more than enough of an excuse to go to a good GP, but this is Valencia.

Are there any good spots there?
Or failing that something in the shade....(half Scottish)
Well, if there's GP2 running too I'd aim for the two turns before the swingbridge (8/9).
Then I'd spend the rest of the time getting smashed on sangria 'cos the F1 race will be piss poor as usual.
I'd say this is probably the best spot.



A few more photos to help you decide: http://www.yallaf1.com/2011/06/27/photos-red-bulls-hot-pool-party-in-valencia/
Phwoo....I'm gettin all...AHEM! Somebody should report you.

Well, if you see any reports of a strange fellow decked out in Nick Heidfeld branded kit being arrested in a trackside pool-brawl and charged with something lewd you'll know I followed your advice.
I wouldn't go there just for the race, just might happen to be in the area anyway by coincidence....I'm surprised somebody pandered to my strangeness by voting for the second choice, surely they saw the Catch 22.
The second best seat (after that pool) would be in front of a television! A fridge well-stocked with beer would be a plus as well.
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