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Welcome to another addition of our post race learning curve thread. I'm struggling to think what may be the main thrust of this thread in the wake of last weekends Monaco GP? I wonder which area of the race will have caused the greatest upward trend in our learning experience?

Other areas for consideration include Max Verstappen's possibly unique use of blue flag situations to sneak by other cars or the fact it is possible for a father and son combo to crash in identical places separated by many years. Let's hope with the return of refueling Max doesn't share his fathers love for 'human torch' impressions.

Other areas that we may wish to consider include the fact it is possible for a McLaren to score points and for Roberto Merhi to actually finish ahead of Will Stevens in a race.

Was there anything else up for consideration?
We know that Merc can't count they thought they had a 21 second advantage, more than enough for a pit stop but it seem they are so mathematically challenged that that they do not realize that 21 seconds is good enough under full racing speed so they say they only had 17 seconds as an excuse but they fail to notice that even 17 seconds would still have been enough to make a pit stop under a safety car so the gap must have been far less than that.

And so we also know that cider_and_toast should put forward his new baby daughter to do their calculations for them to ensure similar mistakes are not made in the future.
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Other areas for consideration include Max Verstappen's possibly unique use of blue flag situations to sneak by other cars

If that is up for consideration then we should also consider Romain Grosjean's equally sneaky way of letting the leaders past without being jumped by Verstappen as the way he did it at the hairpin was spot on.

I will say though that following the leaders through when they are lapping cars is not a new situation. I seem to remember the first time I saw it personally was Eric Bernard in the Larrouse Lamborghni (V12!!) following Prost through when he was lapping Nelson Piquet's Benneton with 2 laps to go in the 1990 British Grand Prix. The reason it sticks in my mind is that despite starting from the back of the grid Piquet had been so convinced his car was in great shape he'd placed a bet that he would finish in the top 4 at the bookies and then told the media about it. Piquet got all the way up to 4th before being jumped by Bernard as Prost sailed through and lost his bet.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke.
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