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Time now for Clip the Apex's [bg=#BB0000]El Español Examen[/bg] where I ask several questions about Spanish GPs past! There have been 38 Spainish GPs, so a quiz is easier to write than for Bahrain, thats for sure. If you're really bored, quizzes have already been published this season about Australia, Malaysia, Argentina, China/Asia, Bahrain & San Marino!

So, here goes!

  1. The classic Spanish GP in Jarama in 1981, won by Gilles Villenueve, was the last Spanish GP until when?

    1986 at Jerez de la Frontera
  2. What did female driver Lella Lombardi achieve in the 1975 Spanish GP that has never been equalled?

    She became the only F1 driver to register her only points in Formula One without achieving a full point. The race was stopped at half way and she finished 6th, hence she was awarded a half-point. She never scored points again and hence became the only driver marrooned on 0.5!
  3. What have all but 4 of the Spanish GP winners achieved?

    All Spanish GP winners have at some stage been World Champions except Jochen Mass, Patrick Depallier, Gilles Villeneuve and Felipe Massa
  4. 3 drivers have recorded 3 consecutive Spanish GP wins. One of them was Michael Schumacher (who went on to get 4). Name the other two drivers to achieve the feat.

    Sir J.Y. Stewart
    Mika Hakkinen
  5. The first Spanish Grand Prix was another important F1 first! What?

    Juan Manuel Fangio clinched his first World Championship
  6. Only three Spanish drivers have achieved an F1 podium. Name the "other two"...

    Alfonso de Portago, 1956 Silverstone, Ferrari (P2)
    Pedro de la Rosa, 2006, Hungaroring, McLaren (P2)
  7. Who is Spain's second highest points scorer?

    Pedro de la Rosa
  8. Mika Hakkinen retired from the lead of the Spanish GP in 2001 on the last lap, where was he classified?

    9th - which was also his position in the Championship at that point
  9. How many consecutive years was the Spanish GP the 5th event from 1998?

    8 years...! It returns to 5th position in the calendar this year!
  10. In the 1954 Spanish GP, there were 9 classified finishers. How many were in Maseratis?

    6! Only winner Mike Hawthorn of Ferrari and the Mercedes of Fangio (3rd) and Kling (5th) weren't. If you are interested the 6 are: Luigi Musso, Roberto Mieres, Chico Godia-Sales, Louis Rosier, Ken Wharton and Prince Bira of Siam (see China/Asia quiz!)
Teabag, you give away one of the answers to number 4 with one of your other questions. I won't give it away though

Got 4 right, better than I expected
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