The Numbers Quiz 10-20


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The hotly anticipated sequel to the 0-9 numbers quiz is here...

10. Takuma Sato has driven car ?10 more often than any other driver in F1 history. What was his best result in ?10?

3rd at Indy 2004

11. Since the change in the numbering system of 1996, who is the only driver to win a race in car ?11?

Giancarlo Fisichella in Brazil in 2003

12. How many times did Ayrton Senna win in car ?12?

14, in 1985-88 for Lotus then McLaren.

13. Moises Solana of Mexico raced his home Grand Prix in 1963 in car ?13 for BRM. He was classified 11th after retiring on Lap 58 of 65. In what position did he complete Lap 57?

He ran 8th. This is the only time car ?13 has actually completed a Formula One race!

14. How many years did Jaguar/Red Bull hold car ?14 after finishing 7th in the WCC in 2002?

4 years! From 2003-07 car ?14 was driven by one team, by either Mark Webber or David Coulthard. If you include Toro Rosso as an extention of Red Bull, the figure is 6 years, with Toro Rosso having it in 2008, and back to Red Bull and Webber for 2009!

15. Before Sebastian Vettel, who was the last winner in car ?15?

Alain Prost for Renault in 1983, in Austria

16. Name the only driver since 1990 to start on pole in car ?16

Rubens Barrichello in France in 1999. Jarno Trulli won pole for the 2005 USGP in car ?16, but he did not start!

17. At the Dutch GP in 1962, a car number won its inaugral race for the 4th consecutive year. In 1959, it was ?7 (Bonnier), in 1960 it was ?11 (Brabham), in 1961 it was ?3 (Von Trips) and in 1962 it was ?17. Who drove it?

Graham Hill

18. Of the last 10 years, name the three teams which failed to complete (or even start) a season with ?18 on the car. (1/3 of a point each)

Prost/Pheonix in 2002, Super Aguri in 2008 and Honda in 2009

19. Benetton scored 2 wins in car ?19. One was Nannini's awarded win in 1988. Who was the other Benneton ?19 winner?

None other than Michael Schumacher!

20. In his 3 years in car ?20, how many points did Adrian Sutil score? (±1 point gets you ½ of a point)

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