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sigrid took a big risk with her Glastonbury outfit. most years an all white outfit would be a terrible choice LOL

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yeah i heard he was good. i was only able to see the highlights as did get back from work til 10.45. i thought he would as he does like to get his point across & is a sort of a good role model in a way


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I was taken to see Pink a week or so ago. The wife loved it, I wanted to be somewhere else. But we have Adam Ant, She Drew the Gun and Anna Ternheim coming up in the next few months.


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I've done two concerts with Wifey to watch groups she loved.

Bon Jovi and Take That a few years ago, both at the Rico Arena in Coventry. I thought both were quite entertaining. Take That were surprisingly entertaining though I wouldn't call myself a fan.


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listening through the new taylor swift album earlier (i know im cool LOL) . its was all going well liked a good few, thought some where alright not for me. then we got to 10 or 12. soon you'll get better. rumoured to be about mothers ill health. i made a huge big mistake its so moving. my eyes were like Niagara falls 😭

i cant download it on to my ipod as beautiful as it is because i dont think i can emotionally listen to it again 😀



I looked back over the last couple of pages and think we may have missed the passing of Keith Flint, so better late than never, where it all started:

and a lesser known B-side I remember as a teenager:

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