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tomorrow at 9.30pm on bbc 2 they are broadcasting the headlining set from david bowie for 1st time ever.

i remember how controversial this was from a compilation show that it was probably the most complained about bit of Glastonbury coverage since theyve been broadcasting. when they stopped 3 or 4 songs in. reading the below article. apparently BBC didnt want to or couldnt tell the truth that David Bowie didnt want to be filmed & after weeks of negotiation (some side of stage as the guy in charge 3 songs in realising would be a broadcasting disaster to stop it) they got 4 songs & 1 from encore . because it was the early years they ended up taking the blame wrongly for 20yrs

"But I think Bowie knew exactly what he was doing on the night of 25 June 2000. He wasn’t about to give away his peak performance or his catalogue for nothing. He hoarded that night so that one day it could be shown in all its glory as his legacy, the culmination of his golden years and surely his greatest concert since he buried Ziggy Stardust at Hammersmith in July 1973. It’s a time capsule of his life, ready to be shared with us now that the stars have aligned"

now this wouldn't surprise me that he planned for this to only be broadcast after his death. after all he made a whole album that only made sense 36hrs later when he died


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its understatement to say that David bowie Glastonbury set is quite good. i will enjoy this

but its the weird things with coronavirus something im ok with missing. Like behind closed football & dont annoy me because i know we'll be back. in a way this has been good because ive been able to watch things to young for or 1st time around. in many things sport & music. but its the big events. that really annoy me. because i shouldve been watching Paul McCartney & Taylor Swift. i was very excited for that line up. i thought it was going to be a cracker. they'd both smash it. you do wonder if it will come around again. but i guess ive got to let it be as its been cruel summer for majority of us



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I'm sorry, but it's fallen foul of over hyping.
And I love Bowie, but it's flat... Maybe the weekend started too early.

But Amy Winehouse on BBC 4 is better tonight.

Although, I wish I could find the full Bryan Ferry / Roxy set from 2014. That rocked.


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I can't help thinking that the "legends" slots at Glastonbury have become a bit too much circus side show.

A very costly revival tour where people way past their best are not so much laughed with as laughed at.

When most of these acts were at their peak they didn't need Glastonbury so very few actually played there. Now that they are half way down the far side of the hill it's a different story.

I saw McCartney on the Flowers in the Dirt tour in 1990 at Birmingham NEC. He was bloody good then but that was 30 years ago. His voice is shot now.


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i thought david bowie was quite good for the time, we cant forget this was 2000 i cant compare to recent years because even they it was village fete compared to giant its become maybe the biggest in the world

i think legends slot is more for the fans the sunday teatime slot is most watched over the entire week. we more love the nostaliga of, Lionel Richie, Neil diamond, ELO, Barry Gibb. does put a smile on your face


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Watching Burly Chassis the other day reminded me of this little ditty she did back in the 70's. Points for naming where this has been sampled.



Paralympics FB? it was a modern cover though, not the original i don't think.

Here's one that that feels poignant for me right now and, just cos i like it!



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apologies for bringing the testosterone down. Dont worry i will talk about manly bands next time AC/DC, Foo Fighters, Ramstein other heavy rock bands :D

Taylor swift new surprise Indie Album might be again some of her best work. of course im biased but i feel she got to be up there as 1 of best current musicians out there now for quality & consistency. last 4 albums i thought next 1 will tough act to follow. but some she does outdo herself very time. so many brilliantly written songs on this album. exile, illicit affairs, last great American dynasty, peace, the 1. etc

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