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I got 33 and won, so got through to 3-in-10, but it was Rihanna so I had no chance (I'm not really clued up on post-2005 stuff). I'm gutted that I forgot to ask Ken for a signed photo for my boys!


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firstly that's even more awesome and secondly, I'd be no good at Rihanna either. Wouldn't have had a clue.



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Fantastic & well done on the victory. Im sure if you email into ken bruce show say you were on pop master & ask if you could have a signed photo im sure they will provide

Id be rather good providing they were her big hits & not album tracks. Ive got mo2st of her on my ipod. Over last decade


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I listening to Chris moyles as i do most mornings & he talking was about the company Christmas party. DJing, what he played last yr. & he played this Christmas mash up i think it is rather clever. As it 2 songs that shouldn't work but do



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I'm listening to possibly the most extraordinary album I've ever heard.

Carpenters with the Royal philharmonic Orchestra.

It's hard to comprehend the music I'm hearing is from 2018 and Karens voice is remastered from 1970s.

The clarity and perfection of Karens voice and the depth and skill of the RHO is making me a bit emotional.

Just wow. Go buy it.


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Well I think the remastered Roy Orbison compilation, done by his family, is fabulous. I am currently looking at the best way to own it.
It was so much easier when you walked into a music store and bought it. I want to play it loud all around the house, not on my phone, or iPad. But our music machines of the past, where you could belt out music for parties are now dead.
What to do.


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Titch - If you buy vinyl on Amazon you get a free MP3 download -

So you can have the pleasure of vinyl (which should encourage you to get a record player) and the sleeve to read all the fascinating info they give you with a 12" sleeve. The MP3 files can be played over a sound system you can connect your iPhone or iPad to. Some of the bluetooth speakers you can get do throw out quite a reasonable sound. Take a trip to Currys and try some in store.
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