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The Insect/Arachnid/invertebrate Collection *
* I may just call this collection "The Insect Collection", for convenience sake.....

When we embarked on this trek through the world of the insect, I had no idea how tricksy the little blighters could be! Have you ever tried to find an insect starting with the letter I or J, let alone K! And I haven't even thought about Q!!

I have however tried my best for this, the next instalment of the Insect Collection...:)


I Man a Grasshopper by Pablo Moses


Honey Bee by Zee Avi


Insects 5 - The Interlude. This next video is not a music video, but I just love the snail in this video. He dreams of going really fast and he lives the dream near the end..! :)


Meet the Japanese Beetles …. The only insect I found beginning with J during my “research” was the Japanese Beetle. You try finding anything else..! Some bloke wrote a piece of music and put this video on yootoob...


What Katie Did by The Libertines The insect in question for K, is the Katydid (see the picture)

The "Katydid" and yes, the colour of it is real!


Locust by A-Ha

This concludes the second instalment of the Insect Files. Stay glued to CTA to see how I get on for the Letters M to Q.... :coffee:

There may be a delay, whilst I try to figure out what I've got meself into.....


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I :censored: hate the Beatles

I dont usally pop in here,
but thank God im not the only one! Fed up of getting lectures about how beatles invented Rock, music, drugs, fun. and how i should bow down to them and spend every night praying to John lennon because without them i would not be listening to every rock song ever invented.

Infact I hate beatles fans too!*

As its my first foray into this thread heres a song hope you like

Iknow a bit obivous choice

*sorry beatles fans, im sure your not all rightous about them


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I always have to pretend Kate Bush doesn't exist because I know my dad had a thing for her at one point...*shudders*

I haven't posted anything modern yet

THAR she blows


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I saw Pendulum at Leeds fest last year, couldn't hear for a week afterwards. I'd advise turning volume down before watching that video. Cracking tune though!


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Did I post this already? If not, it's THE best song in the chart at the moment.

Old fogies turn away ;)


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The Insect/Arachnid/Invertebrate Collection *
* I may just call this collection "The Insect Collection", for convenience sake.....

Watch out for the strip of sticky paper hanging from the ceiling of this thread! Anyone brushing against it may end up with insect music videos in their hair.... Wait! Hang on, I see one! Hold still... :clip: It's all right, I got it.

This is Episode Three of "The Insect Collection".

Next up


Love Music by Mantis



Nude by The Nymph

Nymph - a larva of an insect with incomplete metamorphosis (as the dragonfly or mayfly)
Dictionary definition >> link


Amethystium by Ascension (Odonata)

The insect reference for O is Odonata >> Wiki Link. "O" is one of those particularly difficult letters!


"Praying Mantis" by Don Dixon

I spent ages searching for an alternative to a ‘Mantis’, as this has been touched on already, but to no avail! I just couldn’t find any music for Pest (except really terrible dark metal from Finland),
Pharaoh Ant, Pismire (another type of ant), Polypod, Pubic Louse or Pupate... :(


Queen Bee by Lee Harvey Osmond

The Educational diarrhoea diary of Insectory will continue soon, with entries for R to V.

Now, I'm off to try and put up another strip of sticky paper from the ceiling.. bloody took ages to get the last one to stick... :disappointed:
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