Television The Handmaid's Tale


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I avoided watching this for years as I figured it would be something which would just ****ing infuriate me.

I was right!

It's a great program and it's clearly obvious that almost all of it has been taken from real world examples, but man, is it depressing.

I'm just into season 3 so hopefully the oppressed rise up and slaughter the **** out of all the religious freaks controlling them.

*and breathe*
It' seems like one of those programs that's very well made but is going to take an age to get to where you know the story is going.

Over 40 episodes to tell the story that's laid out in a single novel.
Good grief!

I have to revise my original opinion.

I got very bored, very quickly, of drawn out extended close ups of June's face, complete with tics and weird looks.

I was rooting for the bad guys half way through season 3.
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