Anybody out there ever notice how every race has the exact same camera shots?

I've been complaining about the directing of these races for years and here I go again.

They are boring and monotonous and if you guys don't see this then you don't know what you're missing.
Do you really enjoy the zooming and panning and zooming and panning and zooming and panning on every ****ing shot?
C'mon man, most of the time we don't even know what corner the cars are in because every shot looks exactly the same.
Forget about that stupid little arrow with the turn number next to it, that's bullshit too.
You have to take your eyes off the road to read the telemetry.
I wanna see the whole corner with the car in it not just a blurry close up of part of a car????

The cameras are in place for some excellent alternative shots but these directors never use anything but their standard zooming and panning.
Please get someone in there that understands composition.
Look at some old films to, learn how to use wide shots with NO CAMERA movement.
It's such a relief to see the cars moving through the frame rather then the camera moving all over hell's half acre.

For example:
MEXICO, Turns 12, 13 and 14.
Every time a car came into Turn 12 they would zoom in and follow the car through the corners instead of staying wide and including all 3 corners so we could see the car go through the corners instead of the ****ing camera going through the corners with the car, WTF?
These idiots don't get it. STAY WIDE you morons so we can see more action.
I'd rather see all the cars going through a corner one after the other but don't count on it from these assholes.

All they do is elimenate all the other action that's around that car when they zoom in

I'm sick of watching these races because I can see all the shots that would make the production so much more interesting,
but they never use them and they never call me????

Thanks for listening boys and enjoy the next ZOOMING AND PANNING SPECTACLE...God help us.

Peter Carbone
Well, I haven't noticed terrible TV direction for every single race. Some tracks like Monaco have rights to control their own cameras and from that we have seen that they can and do mess up. Monaco have missed a few overtakes (and probably the only ones being monaco). But most of the tracks have TV coverage by F1. Sometimes they get it wrong but I've seen quite a few races with good shots. I really want F1 to introduce splitscreen like Indycar so that we can see multiple battles at once.
IMO, it's not just the camera work that needs to be improved but the commentary definitely needs work. Like the Mercedes strategists, the directors and commentators are just too complacent and need a good shakeup LOL
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