The CTA "Very best of" race track.


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Ok, Here's something to ponder for a bit of fun.

Look at all the circuits on the current F1 calendar and select the very best corners to compile what we believe to be the best circuit we could make. I will then try and mock up a version (this could take some time) so you could see what it looks like.

Try and use the right numbered corners in the right order i.e I've started with a turn one so the next suggestion needs to be a turn 2 from any track and so on. It dosn't matter if the track crosses back over itself as I can use straight bits to fit as required. I we have a limit of 12 turns for this first attempt then we can try again including older tracks.

My choice for Turn 1 would be the left hand down hill drop at Interlagos. A great overtaking opportunity and really sorts the men from the boys at the start of the race. Lots of camber and plenty of action.

Any one got a better nomination for turn one or would like to suggest a turn 2 then carry on..........

I like it.

For reference, all the ciurcuits from 2008 & 2009 are in the Gallery.

For all other circuits there's Wikipedia.

Does turn 2 on this virtual circuit have to be a turn 2 from another circuit?
Presumably we can't say use turn 8 from Turkey as turn 2 here?

It might be an idea to link to the circuit/turn that you choose to make it easier when putting it all together.
I have thought about Eau Rouge. One circuit map I've seen has listed it as turn 3, one has listed it as 2,3 and 4 and another has listed it as turn 2 and 3.

Since only a nutter wouldn't include it on the best of the current F1 calendars corners I think it has to go in so we can call it turn 3.

As Bro pointed out, You can nominate turn 8 when we get their LOL

Ok so to recap thus far:

Turn 1, Interlagos, Down hill left hander
Turn 2, Monza - Curve Grande - Long right hander
Turn 3, Spa - Eau Rouge - Left, Right, Left curves into dip and up the other side

After that combination most sensible drivers would pull in for a clean pants pit stop.

Anyway. Who want's to pick turn 4..................
Hmm, there are some pretty uninspired Turn 4s in F1 at the moment...

I'll offer two:

Monaco - Mirabeau (downhill bumpy entry to tight right-handed hairpin with the gutter on the inside and barriers tight on the exit)

Hungary - the fast uphill sweeping left-hander

I thought about Maggotts/Becketts/Chapel at Silverstone but I think you need to take all those corners as a set, or none at all.
All three great choices GM but look at it this way.

Your stomach has just hit your nose after dropping down Interlagos turn one, your eyeballs have been forced to the back of your head as your screem around the turn 2 curve grande and your body has just shared a tumble drier with a house brick after you twisted in all shapes through Turn 3 Eau Rouge, Which corner after all that lot would you want to hit next??

Back to you :D
On reflection I'd go for Mirabeau, because I suspect there won't be many hairpins selected for this "Best Of" circuit ;) and because we need an overtaking opportunity somewhere.

Not that our poor drivers will appreciate having to crest the rise after the previous sequence of bends. They might end up leaving their lunch on the pavement outside the Loews Hotel?!
I was thinking of the Maggots set too.

If it makes sense I don't see why we can't include sets of corners, after all Eau Rouge is turns 3, 4 & 5 together rather than just 1 turn.

A little bit of artistic licence can be employed :D
Good point Bro but GM has gone for Mirabeau.

So after crashing through Eau Rouge we now brake like mad into the slow right hand hair pin of Monaco's Mirabeau. That's our turn four sorted so where are we going next for turn 5?

(in response to Bro's point, I think we can except corner sequences so long as the corner sequence can be considered to be one set. You couldn't for example, nominate stowe and vale but you could nominate Luffield 1 and Luffield 2)

The trick will be, If I manage to knock an image up, Fitting all the corners in so that the start and finish are at the same point. There is no point selecting the best corners in F1 only to re-profile them to fit the new layout.

At the outside I may have to add a CTA derived turn 13 to get back to the start line so a little artistic licence maybe needed but we should get the idea.

I'm really wondering how it's going to turn out now LOL

What have we started. :o
You could always change the nature of the connecting straights, maybe add an acceleration zone.

Yeah, I had something like that in mind TBY. I will have to add and take away different bits of straight to keep the corners the same.

It will be like trying to make up your own slot car track or train set using only the bits you've got and not using the recommended lay out.
My apolgies for being a little "premature" on turn 8, I wasn't sure if we were calling them in sequence. Anyway, I have at least got you all to think about Istanbul when we get to turn 8. LOL
Fat Bloke said:
My apolgies for being a little "premature" on turn 8, I wasn't sure if we were calling them in sequence. Anyway, I have at least got you all to think about Istanbul when we get to turn 8. LOL
That was going to be my choice too :D

So far, I reckon our circuit looks something like this.
Although we might need a bit more straight between turns 2 & 3 and 3 & 4...


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Top work Bro :cheer:

Can you imagine as GM has said, going through Eau Rouge, Cresting the ridge and then the circuit dropping away and making you brake like hell ready to turn in for the Mirebeau hair pin. I think your eyeballs would fly out and hit your helmet visor.

Have we any nominations for turn 5?
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