Pre-GP Quiz The Bumper Austro-Hungarian Quiz

Sadly only the shadowy figure who lurks behind the website and is never seen, holds that level of omnipotence.

I am a mere functionary.

I can ban people though. ;)
There were a few kamikaze bannings a while back. People who threw themselves on their own swords in frustration.

I nearly made a joke I was going to do it too but I didn't want to give the mods the excuse the needed to finally get rid of me.
I was once un-banned from the old 606 after being temporarily accused of having two accounts. I'd gotten a bit bored of forums in general and had decided to delete my account. After a while I decided to come back and re-registered under the same username. A while later I was banned on the grounds of having two accounts.

Apparently if you decided to delete your own account it didn't show up on their system as the account being being cancelled. Once you were registered it kept your registration active. Forever. I had a hard time convincing them that I hadn't been banned the first time around and that it was me who'd deleted my own account.

Could anything like that happen here if someone came back?
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Not unless they were banned for misbehaviour.

It would be relatively easy to sort out any confusion in a calm and orderly fashion.
Just checked my powers by looking up a banned member. I don't have the power to un-ban anyone. Only the site God can do that.

Be careful, he's always watching. :moustache:
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