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As I missed the Austrian GP quiz I thought I'd throw a few questions in alongside the Hungarian pre-GP quiz. Any relation to the former Austro-Hungarian Empire is purely a coincidence.

For this quiz, there is no DRS button but some nice easy questions (I hope).

Good luck and here we go:

1) Which current driver made his Torro Rosso debut at the 2007 Hungarian Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel

2) 2010 was the last time an Austrian driver appeared in an F1 race. Who was that?

Christian Klien

3) Which team leads the pack when it comes to most wins in Hungary?


4) Which British team did Austrians Helmet Marko and Niki Lauda both race for?


5) The current list of engine suppliers on the grid have won every single Hungarian GP between them with the exception of the 1994 race. Which engine powered that car?

It was the Ford engine in Shuey's Benetton

6) Now known as the Red Bull Ring, what was the Austrian GP tracks original name?


7) The Hungarian GP has always gained a big following from Finland. Can you name the last Fin to have won the race?

It was Heikki Kovalainen in 2008

8) Back to Austria. The very first World Championship Austrian GP was held at Zeltweg Airfield in 1964. The race was won by Lorenzon Bandini for Ferrari but which Austrian made his world championship debut for Brabham?

It was of course Jochen Rindt

9) And to Hungary - Thierry Boutson won the 1990 Hungarian GP to take the final of his three F1 race wins. For which team did Derek Warwick score 2 points and the best result of his and their season?


10) Now we are on Austria again - please try and keep up. What was Gerhard Berger's best finish in a World Championship (his end of season place)?

He finished 3rd twice. In 1988 and 1994 both times for Ferrari.

11) In Hungary, Name the two drivers who claimed their Formula One World Championship titles in Hungary?

Nigel Mansall in 1992 and Michael Schumacher in 2001

12) Who has the better record at Austria. Dr Jonathan Palmer or his son Jolyon Palmer?

Its the good Doctor with a 9th place for RAM in 1984

13) (apart from Button winning his first GP) What happened for the first time at the 2006 Hungarian GP?

It was a wet race

14) Also in 2006 which Austrian Racing Driver claimed he was going to buy the A1 ring as it was then known and rebuild the circuit for F1?

Alexander Wurz

15) Once again in 2006 (who knew it was such an interesting year?) Robert Kubica made his debut for BMW-Sauber at the Hungarian GP. Which driver did he replace in that team?

Jacques Villeneuve

16) The Austrain GP fell off the calendar after the 2003 race and came back on for 2014. Which three drivers were on the grid for both races? (Third of a point for each)

A third of a point each for Alonso, Button and Raikkonen

17) Almost there. In the 1987 Hungarian GP, what did Nigel Mansell famously lose while leading the race?

HIs right front wheel when the nut came off

18) Right, the Austrian GP also fell off the calendar after 1987 and came back in 1997. Name the only driver to make both of these races. However, for mega (write your own figure) bonus points. Can you name the other driver that raced in both seasons but wasn't at the Austrian GP in either season?

The driver who raced in both Austrian GP's was Gerhard Berger. The driver that raced in both seasons was Nicola Larini. He appeared twice for Coloni in 1987 and 5 times for Sauber in 1997

19) Whose current Hungarian GP record reads 18th, 15th, 13th, 1st, 3rd, 3rd?

Daniel Ricciardo

20) And finally, we made it to the end. To finish in Austria. What infamous event blighted the 2002 Austrian GP?

It was the race at which Rubens was told to 'think of his contract' and let Michael through to take the win.

Well there you go. I hope you got something out of that other than the headache and finger cramp that I got.
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Blimey. I tried to make them pretty easy. (well it always is when you are looking at the answers I guess).

I could be in trouble. :embarrassed:
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