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So, this weekend will see the Belgian GP, meaning today, here is the Belgian Quiz.

  1. The 1982 Belgian Grand Prix is best remembered for the tragic death of Canada's Gilles Villeneuve. Who eventually won the race at Zolder?

    John Watson of McLaren
  2. In which year was the Belgian GP first won by a man not in the Drivers' Championship winning car?


    1950 - FANGIO for Alfa (Champions with Farina)
    1951 - FARINA for Alfa (Champions with Fangio)
    1952 - ASCARI for Ferrari (Champion)
    1953 - ASCARI for Ferrari (Champion)
    1954 - FANGIO for Maserati (Champion)
    1955 - FANGIO for Mercedes (Champion)
    1956 - COLLINS for Ferrari (Champions with Fangio)
    1957 - NO RACE
    1958 - BROOKS for Vanwall (WCC but not WDC)
  3. The 1960 Belgian GP is the only GP where two drivers died during the race in Championship history. One of them, Chris Bristow, was driving one of the six Cooper-Climax cars on show. Three ended up on the podium, though they wouldn't today. Why? (Other than each team is now allowed only two cars...)

    Graham Hill completed the penultimate lap in second position. His engine blew on the final lap. Jack Brabham and Bruce McLaren were the only cars to finish the final lap. However, because his engine went, Hill was not classified despite being ahead of the third Cooper of Olivier Gendebien! Thankfully, this rule has been abandoned, so the 1982 Monaco Grand Prix is not still under scrutiny!
  4. The Belgian Grand Prix was held at Nivelles twice. Who won both GP despite never winning a Belgian GP elsewhere?

    The races were at Nivelles in 1972 and 1974; the victor was WDC both times - Emerson Fittipaldi!
  5. Since 1985, every Belgian GP winner has won a World Championship at some point (past, present or future) but for two. One was Felipe Massa last year, who was the other one?

    David Coulthard in 1999
  6. Which promising driver won his only GP in Belgium before his untimely death?

    Gunnar Nilsson in 1977 for Lotus - he died of cancer in October 1978
  7. Kimi Raikkonen is the King of Spa in recent years. What is his best result other than his race wins?

    Classified 18th in 2008 after crashing - he has never finished at Spa other than as a winner!
  8. Who is the last Belgian to stand on the Belgian GP podium?

    Jacky Ickx in 1968
  9. Three drivers retired in the first three laps of the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix. There were the top two race winners in F1 history, and who else?

    Alan Prost and Michael Schumacher were joined on the sidelines by Mauricio Gugelmin of Leyton House!
  10. The 2009 Belgian Grand Prix will be held on the 30th August for the third time this year. Last time the race was run on 30 August this happened...

    30 August is also the birthday of Bruce McLaren, so what is his team's best result in Belgian GPs on 30 August.

    5th, Senna, 1992

Thankyou, a Badoer inspired (not themed) quiz next week!
Well that's me back in the corner with the dunce cap on A stunning 2 points

I didn't quite get the answer to question 2 because I'd thought of a number of drivers :dunno:

Good quiz as always TBY. :thumbsup:
Sorry, cider, I wrote the question wrong...

For you only, as you answered the quiz before the correction, one extra mark will be given for answering this correctly:

Name the second of the two drivers to win 4 consecutive Belgian GPs.

Ayrton Senna - first is Jim Clark

Brilliant as ever TBY and I am chuffed to have improved 100% on the last quiz with a massive 2 LOL
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